Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Defense Lawyers Often Try to Delay Trial of Elder Abuse and Exploitation cases until the Victim is too Disabled to Testify, Experts Say

a single incident of mistreatment is more likely to trigger a downward spiral leading to loss of independence, a serious complicating illness, and even death.

Clara never recovered from the fall that she suffered after being left alone , over medicated in a Motel room on November 17th 2004 . This was 3 months after she was IMPROPERLY REMOVED from her handicapped equipped home with 24/7 supervision. Clara is in need of a special diet physical therapy due to osteoporosis, and constant medical attention due to hypertension, dementia and Alzheimer.

Unfortunate for Clara all attempts to get her back including seeking help from the Monroe County Sheriff's Department and filing of a REPORT with the Florida Division of Children and Families to try to get her back before she was seriously injured failed.

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