Saturday, March 3, 2007

Blogger of the Week : Marian Van McCain

This week we feature Marian Van Eyk McCain for being a source of inspirations to
so many generations who look up to her and admire her, thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.


Ray said...

Thank You Marian, God bless.

Thanks for your great comment on my blog, Ray, and for featuring me on your site. I'm honored.

Many blessings,

Thor said...

Ey!and my blog?

Ray said...

thor ;
thanks for stopping by all the way from Cordova, Spain.

Home of some the world's most exquisite architecture, I will never forget the Royal Palace, or the gigantic Cross at Valle De los Caidos.

Good luck on your blog, I like the colors scheme, and the pictures are very futuristic.

at 44 you are still young for an elder blogger, thanks for the visit
and comment.