Monday, June 30, 2008

Power of Attorney Reform – Please contact your NYS Senator today

POA reform was identified as a priority during the 2004 NYS Elder Abuse Summit, has been a focus of the NYS Coalition on Elder Abuse, and is something that many of you have been supporting for ten years or more.

Many of you have been asking, “What is happening with the legislation and what can I do to help?”

Here are the answers to those questions:

Assembly bill 6421-B – passed in the Assembly on June 11

Senate bill 4996-B – has not been voted on yet in the Senate

Apparently, there is some delay in the Senate – reason unknown at this time.

What you can do – Please call, fax or email your Senator. For contact info: Please also contact Senator Bruno, Senator Volker (the bill sponsor), and Senator DeFrancisco (Judiciary Committee Chair). Leave a voice mail message if necessary. Share your concerns about the need for POA reform.

You may think that one person can’t make a difference, but you are one of many – and many can make a difference! Coalition News Bulletins reach over 1,000 people throughout the state and many more when they are forwarded on to colleagues.

Each one of you can help educate the legislators by explaining why these reforms are necessary, even if you do so as a private citizen rather than in your professional capacity. Even if you have previously contacted your Senator regarding POA abuse and its impact on elderly victims, please do so again NOW.

There is still time to make a difference, but you must do so NOW.

As you all know, financial exploitation is the fastest growing form of elder abuse. It is an often hidden tragedy that affects many elderly victims with all its devastating emotional, physical, social and economic consequences.

Financial exploitation not only affects the financial security and physical and emotional well-being of an elderly victim, it also takes a toll on public finances. The impact is far reaching.

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