Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Janet Phelan has requested that the March 6, 2009 post on elderabusehelp. org be retracted. On March 28th she issued the following statement:


It would be best if you would remove the recent post on your webpage, alluding to the $800,000 theft by Melodie Scott. I have had several legal and accounting professionals look at the ledger,and the reactions are mixed. While one accountant and one lawyer concurred in my evaluation, a couple of others did not. I think it would be best to remove the post until this matter has been completely evaluated and determined.

I have engaged legal services and will be shortly issuing a demand letter to Horspool, Scott and the Bank for all records pertaining to the Phelan Family Trust. If they ignore this demand letter, as they have ignored recent requests for financial documents revelant to the Phelan Family Trust, I will issue a Motion to Compel.

As there is a possibility that my assessment that over $800,000 was lifted off the top of the Trust by Melodie Scott was inaccurate, I wish to apologize if I erroneously stated that this figure reveals the extent of her financial misconduct.

Janet Phelan

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