Monday, October 4, 2010

Police Provide Muscle for Social Workers to Seize Children/Elders

Police is often the muscle that Social Services agencies need to rip children and elders from their un suspecting families, who then write and say that they "Did not think this could happen to them"

Eleven days ago a Kent mother noticed a small mark on her five-year-old son’s ankle. He couldn’t say what had caused it. She dabbed on some antiseptic cream and thought no more about it. Two days later his school noticed the mark and contacted social services. The mother was summoned to hospital and told to sign a form allowing her two children to be kept in care by social workers until she had been interviewed by the police. She was driven 15 miles to Folkestone police station where she was interviewed and held in a cell until midnight. The police then confiscated her BlackBerry, saying it was needed as evidence, and told her she would have to walk home.

Read it all here=>>telegraph

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