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More Predictions for 2011...

The excerpts taken below do not reflect the view of E.A. and or it's editor who would like to believe that Americans politicians are noble and caring individuals who are there for the peoples and are working hard to protect the hard working American public from injustices and ever vigilant to make sure the American people get the government and the justice they deserve but represent the view of a few fringe elements out there who refuse to drink the kool aid and obviously do not watch the evening news and are not aware of the green shoots and the economic recovery underway with a robust stock market leading the way. President Barack Obama recent remark to the report of increase jobs from the hiring of 411,00 census workers to say." "This report is a sign that our economy is getting stronger by the day." …

We are publishing this article in the interest of contrasting opinions..........


"I would love to wish all a Happy New Year, but unless one is a member in good-standing of the DC Hog Trough Diner 2011 is going to suck even worse than 2010. That may be hard for many to imagine, but the US has now engineered the Perfect Storm to assure that the USS Titanic is going to sink.

The bailouts and QE1 did nothing except accelerate the rate of transfer of wealth into the right pockets, and probably not your pockets. The proposed QE2, QE3, QE4, or as many 'quantitative easing' shams and scams as they want to do will continue to not work and accomplish nothing for the average American. The ship is going down and it is going to be more pain, no gain for what is a broke and broken US system.
Expect higher interest rates in 2011. The Bank of England has already stated up to 5%, and real inflation is much more than that. When food and energy prices are escalating but not factored into the real inflation rate, the numbers you are seeing are a sham, a lie.
If 'economic stimulus' did not happen at interest rates ranging from 0% to 1%, when they rise to 5% to 10% expect even less economic results in 2011. Sooner or later all parties end and it is then time to face the music. The music and what America will have to face in 2011 will be about the ugliest bitch of a year that has happened in the last 100 years.
Of course, the Fed will continue to manipulate the stock market so Americans think they are getting rich swimming with the sharks. When the value of the dollar is declining, the capital markets increasing as yet another bubble, the net effect is zero growth. In real terms, it might actually prove to be negative growth, more contraction and more bad employment news.

The rest of the world is asking the question so I will ask it too. What in Hell does it take to wake you stupid people up over in the 50 states of La-La Land?
Are you so wrapped up in dumbass you cannot grasp or understand anything that is fundamental to your wellbeing? Get this straight, Uncle Sam and Big Brother are not your friend.

Trust that hunger, poverty, lack of food will increase in 2011. These morons in DC do not care if you are starving, and evidently Americans cannot make the mental connection as to why they are hungry and starving.
The US will set an all time record in debt versus lack of production output in 2011. The US is not the world's largest economy and has not been in several years. The EU has taken that away even with a stronger currency and China just pushed Japan out as the second largest production output.

The only 'change' in the world is every place except America. The voters of America did not vote for change in November 2010. The same liars, thieves and traitors are still firmly in control of America, so there will be no change, only the appearance of change.

Printing money is not industrial output. That is simple to grasp but seems to be lost on most Americans. When US GDP is around 46% 'financial services' and a large amount of that is brazen fraud, America needs to rethink its business plan. First it killed the output, then the jobs and now well on its way to killing a nation. I doubt that America will rethink its business plan in 2011, so expect more of the same and maybe worse.

I wonder at times if Americans can grasp the sheer magnitude of fraud that was the rigged, artificial 'robust economy' Bush kept bragging about and was literally a house of cards housing market. There was only about $4 trillion stolen from foreign nations, banks, pension funds, insurance companies and private investors to create the illusion that everything was just hunky-dory in Nitwitville, America.

Americans seem to want their salvation delivered to the door like a pizza. It has never worked that way, 2011 will not change that fact.

The BP Deep Horizon blow out will continue to destroy an entire ecosystem. What was recently reported as 'BP oil covers 1,000's of miles of ocean floor' will change to read "BP oil covers 10's of thousands of miles of ocean floor". Many will continue to get sick, up to and including the point of either dying or their health being ruined for life.

Yeah, Americans like to talk about their freedoms and rights. Go ahead, all Americans have the right to eat as much oil contaminated seafood as they wish.
Be careful swimming in what used to be a beautiful gulf, the sharks are running out of food.

The American voice will continue to become less relevant in this coming year. It does not take a crystal ball to figure that one out. When a sound asleep nation is lead by liars, con-artists and idiots, there is no possible outcome but a stupid end solution.

Global Warming will continue to be revealed as a scam as much of the world braces itself for the worst winter in the past 100 to 200 years.

Americans will still obediently comply with any TSA abuse, thinking wrongly that America is being protected. Maybe when TSA starts shoving their fist up American asses, Americans will realize that the hardest nation on Earth to travel within is the United States for Americans and foreigners alike. There are no problems elsewhere and no TSA sort of shakedown, humiliation and abuse.

Financial collapse of America? That is very likely, so make sure you have food, means to raise or buy food, and make sure the lifejacket is handy. There are very turbulent waters ahead.
If you have not considered moving to a real nation, you might want to consider that. America is toast!! "

By Karl Schwarz

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