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We Will Not Forget: What We Witnessed Elizabeth Faye Arnold and William Harold Arnold (Part 3-A)

-by-Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.© AV Woodhull, 2011

In August 2008, I interviewed, at first, by phone, and then later in person, Elizabeth Faye Arnold, 81 years old, who had been confined to a nursing home against her will after her son, William Harold Arnold, had been injured to the point of death in a mysterious motorcycle accident.

Since I am able to type almost as rapidly as humans speak, here is what I captured of the conversation. In her own words in a phone conversation with me, Elizabeth Faye Arnold related the following facts:


(407) 294-4647

(She has relatives in N.C.)

I’ve been here over a year in January. They took it upon themselves to sell my house after Billy’s death for $190,000. After paying Billy’s hospital bill, they claimed $1,400 was left. My home was paid off. It was fully paid for. I came from here to the hospital. They should have had me out of here a year ago. I am perfectly healthy. I’m 81 and walking and I’m like a spring chicken. I make up my own face everyday and comb my own hair. I don’t go out of my room until I have my face made up. What I need to do is open a cosmetic department here! (laughs)

Billy died a year ago. A woman hit him on his motorcycle and he died 3 ½ weeks later from the wreck. If I ever get out of here, I’d like to sue her. She went scott free and killed my son. They should have put her in jail. She ran a red light.

$1,400 they gave me. I don’t know where the rest of the money is. Nobody is telling me anything. All I would have to do is pay the taxes on my homesteaded home. I’m well enough to do my own cooking.

People are friendly here but I have an old man who is flirting with me all the time.

I don’t know where my jewelry is. Wedding rings and diamond rings were left on a shelf in the linen closet. I just laid them up there because my fingers had swelled up and I couldn’t wear them. I had a very expensive dark blonde bedroom suite—Fierle sold it for $500. And they’ve taken that. I don’t even have one single tape of Billy playing the piano. It’s made me very angry. They did all of this without my permission.

Address of my former home: 907 Silver Drive

I turned the title of the house over to my son. He was in good health until the woman hit him.

I had poor circulation in my legs so I checked into the hospital. I went to the hospital on my own before Billy died for “poor circulation.”

Losing him, I still haven’t gotten over it. It was the most horrible thing I’ve been through in my life.

The woman ran the red light and was speeding. I’m going to call the city about it.

Then they transferred me from the hospital to this nursing home. They didn’t even ask me where I wanted to go. I’d be there in my home if they hadn’t taken me here. I was the heir since I was his mom. I had put the house in his name. He was 53. He was a wonderful son.

All my furniture is gone. My son had just bought a branch new couch.

He had four televisions. It was a two bedroom hours. Sold for $190,000, my sister in law found out. But they didn’t even converse with me at all. They just went and sold it. It really knocked me out.

I sit around and watch TV and read the Bible a lot since I’ve been stuck here. The activities here are boring. They play Bingo a lot—it’s not for me.

All of my photo albums are gone. I have no idea where everything went to. All of my jewelry is gone, my chest of drawers, my clothes, my shoes—I have no idea where it all went to. My fur coat. It’s all gone.

I guess whoever bought my house moved out all of my stuff? The least they could have done is grabbed my fur coat!

I’ve been here now for about 1 ½ years. Rebecca Fierle? I’ve never met her. I don’t know who she is.

They gave away the piano. They said it was donated to a church. They had no right to give it away. It was practically brand new Billy had just bought it about eight months before he died.

I had real silver silverware. It’s all gone. I guess they sold it? I don’t think they can do that. It makes me very angry.

I think I could sue them if I find out who did this.

I heard at one point that they put everything into storage, but I don’t know where it is. Who is paying the monthly storage bill?

I don’t know what’s going on. They took my rights away when I first came here. They said I didn’t have good sense. They gave me strong pain medicine and I then I couldn’t remember things. They kept me on pain medicine and my mind was quite a different mind. It puts you in a state of mind like I was half drunk. It makes you feel happy. I’m not still on it. No. Now they just give me some Advil or Tylenol. They had me on the strong pain medicine for about six months. I made my legs better by exercising them everyday. I exercise my legs 30 times a day to keep them circulated. Everybody here is given a wheel chair whether you need it or not.

I had a regular doctor examining me every week. He was a doctor and a psychologist. Diagnosed my legs and psychologist Dr. Williams came to see me every two weeks on a regular basis. He’s through with me, I guess. I don’t need him any more. He never discussed Billy’s death with me.

So many test questions they gave me—the date, what month, what year it is. I got it all right. They just ask you simple questions like that. Actually, they just come in, waste your time, and take your money. He came every two weeks for the past two years—the psychologist.

I get two social security checks every month—mine and my husband’s—about $3,000 a month from the two of them. They give me a little budget out of it. I get about $130 a month of my own spending money. I’ve gone to see a couple of doctors. I’ve only been out of this place twice in a year and a half. I’m only allowed out with a family member but I haven’t heard from Faye and Patricia in several weeks. Faye has a nice apartment. Mike died. Patricia and Mike had

two children together. Patricia’s husband is a dentist. She keeps the house and cooks two to three meals a day.

My possessions? Well, I believe they put it in storage first but I don’t know now. Nobody ever told me the name of the storage place. And they gave the piano to a church but nobody seems to know which church.

I called my neighbor, Sophia Hope, shortly after they took me here. She was the one who told me my house had been sold. I didn’t know my house had been sold. I just couldn’t believe it!! And when I called her, it was the day that the furniture was being dragged out of the house. She was really shocked. She couldn’t tell me any details. She just looked out the window and saw what was going on.

The woman who hit Billy—they fined her $400. She ran a red light, speeding.

We owned two cars—1993 Plymouth and a 1997 Dodge with very low mileage on it. Billy also had a second motorcycle. It’s all gone. A couple of months before I went to the hospital, I was still driving.

My driver’s license expired a year ago in March. I didn’t know all of this would happen when I went to the hospital. I could still drive, I believe. I am 81 years old.

A “personal representative?” I don’t have a personal representative of any sort.

No, I never went to court.

No, I was never served any court papers.

I recently found out from one of the nurses that Billy was right here in the nursing home when he died—just a few doors down from my room. He was in a coma when they brought him here. He died here in a room around the hall.

Curious to know more about the motorcycle accident, David and I went

to the Orlando Police Department and obtained the records and the photographs of the accident scene. The investigation, it turns out, was

closed out within four hours and the person who hit William Harold Arnold (Tina Holland) was charged only with running a red light, and given a date to appear in court regarding speeding through a red light and causing an accident.

In the “investigative” report, it states that Tina Holland, when interviewed by the officer, stated that she had been eating a doughnut and was distracted by eating the doughnut and crashed the red light. “I’m sorry. I was eating a doughnut.” The photographs showed the inside of her car with a bag of doughnuts next to the gear between the bucket seats. One doughnut was seen down by the gas pedal.

I have a question for our group: Is this how an accident is conducted

when someone dies in the accident? Is the person who caused the accident only charged with running a red light?

[I then interviewed neighbors and have more to report, but for now,

I’d like to hear your reactions to what I wrote so far. Does anyone know about accident investigations? Can someone literally get away with “running a red light” when the victim they hit in an accident dies????


Angela Woodhull

*Note: Dr. Angela V. Woodhull, a licensed private investigator, spent more than two and a half years investigating court records in Seminole and Orange Counties, Florida and interviewing family members and victims in order to compose this story. All court records that verify the contents of this article were submitted as attachments to the editor of the F.B.I. journal as verification of accuracy. Woodhull can be reached at (352) 327-3665 or

(352) 682-9033.


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