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We Will Not Forget:What We Witnessed - Bobbie Thompson- Part V

-by- Angela V. Woodhull, Ph.D.

Part Five: Bobbie ThompsonWe found another victim in the Seminole County court records—Bobbie Thompson—and decided to go visit her. We found her in a nursing home in a shared room. Although she didn’t make a lot of sense on certain topics, there was one topic on which she made perfect sense and on which she gave us a lot of accurate information.
Bobbie was most concerned about her grown son who had been living her. “He’s been applying for social security disability; he’s living at my house alone. What is going to happen to him?” She provided us with the correct address, so we decided to go pay Roy Thompson* a visit.

The exterior of the home seemed to be in need of some serious repairs. The grass also was very tall and needed cutting. In fact, we doubted that anyone lived at the residence. We peeked through the windows and saw that the living room furniture was in disarray with many items, such as a sofa and TV, missing.

We heard the sound of dogs barking when we knocked on the door, so we knew that someone must be residing at the home. Roy Thompson appeared at the door and looked suspicious and concerned.

“May I help you?”

I asked him if he had heard of a professional guardian by the name of Rebecca Fierle and I explained that I was the victim of that same guardian and I asked him if he would like to speak with me. Roy’s attitude and demeanor immediately improved and he graciously invited us into his home.

We sat down with him at the dining room table and he explained to us how Rebecca Fierle had taken control of his mother when she had gone to the hospital. Roy had lived with his mother for many years and so he assumed that he would become her guardian if one were ever needed. Fierle had written in the court records that Roy did not wish to become the guardian.

Roy had no money for attorneys’ fees to fight this inaccurate scenario.

After taking control of Bobbie Thompson through an emergency guardianship, Rebecca Fierle next set off to remove Roy from the home.

Although Roy is handicapped and had been applying for social security disability, Fierle had all utilities turned off at the home, leaving Roy and his dogs to live in the dark without a working refrigerator and no water or air conditioning. Lucky for Roy, he had a girlfriend who paid to have the utilities turned back on. Fierle had been moving furniture and items out of the house but had told Roy that if there was anything he wanted that had belonged to his mother, he could go ahead and keep it, but she had also provided him with an eviction notice. So far, Roy had been ignoring the eviction notice. His girlfriend stated that Roy could move into her condominium with her, but the condo association does not allow for pets and Roy was very concerned about and attached to the dogs that he loves and wanted to keep.

It was obvious that Roy was in a very dangerous situation and I warned him. “You could be next. I envision that if you don’t leave this house,

Rebecca Fierle is simply going to take an emergency temporary guardianship out on you and then she’ll come here with the deputy sheriffs and have you removed to a nursing home, especially since you’ve been applying for social security disability.

This triggered an alarm in Roy and he said, “Funny you should mention that. A package came in the mail for me just the other day. And when I opened it, it was these purple pills that are for depression. They arrived in my name. I’ve never ordered such pills and they are a prescription drug.”

David and I had been suspecting for several weeks that victims are overmedicated, such as my mother and Elizabeth Faye Arnold, and that it might have to do with Rebecca Fierle, who is married to a medical doctor.

“And have you been taking these pills?”

“Yes, I’ve taken some of these, since I really am depressed,” he stated.
“But they make me feel dizzy and disoriented.”

David spoke up. “This might be why the mysterious pills showed up in your mail box. If you are removed from this home and tested for mental capacity during the time you are under an emergency temporary guardianship, these pills would assist in having Rebecca Fierle’s doctors assess you and declared mentally incompetent. I think you should stop taking those pills.”

By now, we truly had Roy’s attention. “I think we should call my girlfriend on my cell phone. I have very little minutes left this month, but this is worth the call.” He dialed Mary Ann’s number. “Honey, could you come over here? Well, there’s these people here and I want you to meet them.” She sounded reluctant to come. “They know Rebecca Fierle.”

The girlfriend changed her tune. “I’ll be right over.”

Many Ann arrived. “So, what you’re telling me is that Roy might be in danger of losing his civil rights if he remains in this house?”

“It sounds like a real possibility,” we stated. We told her and Roy of other similar cases, especially the story of the Arnolds.

“Honey, I really think you should move in with me.”

“Does Rebecca Fierle know your address?

“No. She doesn’t even know that Roy has a girlfriend.”

“Good. I think you should keep it that way.”

“Most definitely.”

“But what about my dogs!?” Roy asked in a distressed tone.

I think you might have to select between your dogs and your freedom,”

Mary Ann stated. Roy’s eyes became filled with tears.

“But I don’t want to lose this house! Once I get onto disability, I will have enough money to make the mortgage payments. I told this to Rebecca Fierle. But she said she doesn’t care and that I have to get out. Maybe I can just wait it out just a little longer 'til I start getting my cheques.”

Roy also told us that one of Rebecca Fierle’s employees had called him one day and wanted to know when he expected to receive his first disability cheque.


Back at the courthouse, we examined Bobbie Thompson’s file for a second time. We discovered that rather than make the mortgage payments on Thompson’s house, Rebecca Fierle had allowed the house to go into foreclosure. It turns out that a process server had attempted to find Ms.

“Fierle” and had gone to her residence that she had listed—sworn to as correct--on Bobbie Thompson’s emergency temporary guardianship—under penalty of perjury.

However, David and I already knew from the docier that had been provided to us by Suzanne McCormack that this was not Rebecca “Fierle’s”

Real address. In fact, Rebecca “Fierle” had sold her residence of 13037 S.
HIGHWAY 475, OCALA, FLORIDA 34480 almost a year before when she swore, under penalties of perjury on Bobbie Thompson’s emergency guardianship application, that this was her current address.

In reality, Rebecca “Fierle”, who signs property documents when she buys and sells properties, under sworn affidavit as Rebecca “Santoian,” was now living at 9384 S. MAGNOLIA AVENUE IN OCALA, FLORIDA but time and time again, in the court records we were viewing, Rebecca “Fierle”
was consistently stating in her petitions, under penalty of perjury, that her legal address and residence was 13037 S. HIGHWAY 475, OCALA, FLORIDA 34480—the place that she and her second husband, Dr. Edward Santonian, had already sold nearly a year before.

We now understood the benefit to Rebecca Fierle of using an alias and an incorrect address—under penalties of perjury—on her guardianship applications. The process server noted that he had been unable to located or serve Rebecca Fierle. He noted that the new residents of 13037 S. Highway 475, Ocala, Florida did not include a Rebecca Fierle and the new residents stated they had no idea where she might be. They stated that Dr. Edward Santoian might know where Rebecca Fierle might be.

The process server next knocked on the door of 9384 S. MAGNOLIA AVENUE IN OCALA, FLORIDA but was told by Dr. Edward Santonian that he didn’t really know Rebecca Fierle and had not seen her in several months.**

Therefore, Thompson’s house was able to be foreclosed upon without Rebecca Fierle, as the guardian of Bobbie Thompson, being sued for the balance of the mortgage payments.


We returned to Roy Thompson’s residence to let know what we had found in the court records and to provide him copies. But this time, the house truly was vacant and the cell phone numbers that Roy had given us for himself and his girlfriend were not longer working.

Roy had selected freedom—at least for the moment, he was “safe.”


*Not his real name.
**Court records confirm that Rebecca “Fierle” is legally married to
Dr. Edward Santonian, a cardiologist. “Fierle” is actually the last name of
Rebecca “Fierle’s” first husband, Jeff Fierle, whom she filed bankruptcy with and also experienced a home foreclosure with back in 1997. “Fierle” therefore goes by three last names: When she buys and sells properties in Marion County, she signs the deeds as Rebecca Santonian, under notarization; when she applies for guardianships, she states she is Rebecca “Fierle,” under notarization and penalties of perjury, and when she opens guardianship bank accounts to“benefit the ‘wards,’” she uses her Florida driver’s license,which states that her legal name is Rebecca Fierle-Santonian.

*Note: Dr. Angela V. Woodhull, a licensed private investigator, spent more than two and a half years investigating court records in Seminole and Orange Counties, Florida and interviewing family members and victims in order to compose this story. All court records that verify the contents of this article were submitted as attachments to the editor of the F.B.I. journal as verification of accuracy. Woodhull can be reached at (352) 327-3665 or(352) 682-9033.

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