Saturday, April 23, 2011

Another 'How could this go on in America?' Story

"Under Colorado law, the courts are supposed to follow a hierarchical list when choosing a guardian: Spouses, adult children and family friends all rank higher on that list than professional guardians. . . . Stewart followed none of these procedures . . . . 'It's criminal what they've done to me and my son,' Letty said. 'How could this go on in America? All my rights have been taken away. . . . They've taken my money and keep me from seeing my son when he's done nothing wrong.'"

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Anonymous said...

Ray, it is time the truth is told.
And this is the truth: It is our mission to spread the truth far and wide. All the Susies telling us to put our money in Roth IRA's, and the AARP's saying buy life insurance are con artists telling us we can give them money to find out how to make sure loved ones get our money when we die. Their schemes to get Americans to work even harder for a tomorrow that will not exist because if Americans get old, and if they have saved their money, they will taken out of their paid for homes in handcuffs to prisons where they will be drugged, their homes sold, their life insurance sold, their Roth IRA's sold to fund guardianships, conservatorships and bankers who hold their money in trusts.

Putting it in sweeter terms is just insanity. "He who speaks reasonably when he knows he will be ignored is expressing his insanity." "The purpose of mass hysteria is for the masses to finally get listened to." --Rudy Bush's 2nd and 3rd laws of America's guardianship wars on senior citizens. The first is: "When taking senior citizens out of the homes in handcuffs allows guardians to take the senior's money right out of the bank, the courts order more seniors taken out of their homes in handcuffs." Run for your walkers and wheel chairs, the guardians are coming for you!

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