Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Medicare Fraud

"Here is a bill for Ostomy services in the amount of $3,315.00.
Can you believe $3,315.00 for "Services Rendered" for October 19Th. 2005 through December 19Th. 2005 , and the patient never needed or received?

Well, according to Clara's Activity Records, she was brought back to her home in Key West, Florida on August 5Th 2005
According to Clara's guardian, 'retired nurse' Ms.A. McClain, Clara's family, and her Doctors, Clara has never used 'Ostomy' Bags, Belts, or the like!
The numerous times Clara was hospitalized for the purpose of keeping her from her family
Many times she was moved from place to place using ambulances at taxpayers expense,
Who is really paying for these services?
Medicare? Medicaid?
Perhaps, "All of us ?"

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Anonymous said...

This is amazing no wonder Medicare is running out of money!