Monday, December 11, 2006

Dr. A. J. Fernandez Misses his Violin

Dr. A. J. Fernandez played his violin everyday!
"He loved music and it was his pleasure to share it in
every oppertunity he had with his friends and family!"

It was a special edition 'Stradivarius Soloist' he purchased in 1978,
the year his grand daughter Jessica Claire was born, and by now it would
have been worth more as it was rare and considered highly collectible.

"It was to be a family heirloom, and not to be auctioned off on the Internet ! "

When A.J. suffered a stroke in August 1999, Mr. Bill Hart and Al Jr. came to his home
under the premise of a friendly visit, they knew about his prized violin, and Mr. Hart
took the violin from Dr. Fernandez's bedroom saying; " He won't be needing this anymore", and then left the house never to return the violin A.J. once loved to play for us all!!!

After Dr. Fernandez recovered from his stroke, he started wondering about his violin,
he wanted to hold it, to play it, and was told it would be excellent therapy for him to play again. He continued asking for his violin

We helped A.J. draft a letter on 10-08 2004 and had it delivered by 'Certified Mail' to Mr. Bill Hart and Al Jr. in the hopes of getting his violin back.

But Dr. A.J. Fernandez NEVER saw his prized violin again! - "Sad but, True."

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