Friday, December 7, 2007

"The Little Red Roadster" - Raul enjoying his parents, Clara & A. J. Fernandez.

"The Little Red Roadster" is what they called it, and it was something that was enjoyed by every Fernandez family member!

In fact, it was enjoyed by three generations of Fernandez's, first, Raul and his wife Judy, then by Raul with his grandson Alexander J. Fernandez, and ultimately by Raul and his parents Clara and A. J. Fernandez.

Yes, they all enjoyed this simple little 'kit-car' and my how everyone seemed to bond closer after an afternoon ride around the island of Key West.

( Raul and his father, A.J. Fernandez.)

(Raul and his mother, Clara G. Fernandez.)

The most impressive thing I found about this little car is that it was the gift that was enjoyed by the entire family, and the most impressive thing of all, is the comment that I heard Raul make about this car when he was asked by a total stranger if he liked driving it, he said, and I quote;

" The most fun I ever had with this car believe it or not, was riding around with my parents, just the fact that they got to enjoy it more than I did, was such a satisfaction in itself"!

Family love is an unselfish love, and the love Raul has for his elderly parents has been an example to myself and to many others.

I myself have learned first hand, how much time and effort it takes to keep a family stable and happy as I raised two children, and now that Raul's father has since passed, Raul has doubled up his efforts in keeping his mother happy and healthy.

There is so much to learn about the elderly, gosh, who knew that they could be so fragile and susceptible to "Elder Abuse', especially by a person that is close to ones own family.

Now in this Century it has come to light that most abusers of elders ARE family members, just acting out their hidden resentments and aggressions that they have harbored within themselves for so very long!

It is indeed a shame and a travesty for me to have been a witness to any form of abuse, be it child or elder, and I will be pro-active on the side of elderly victims through any means available to me.

I will continue my research on Elder Abuse and continue publishing my findings on this blog until ALL forms of Elder Abuse are no longer allowable in this Great Nation and Worldwide as well.

~ L. A. Borguss - Contributing Writer of ElderAbuseHelp.Org

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