Friday, October 23, 2009

Corrupt Judges Beware of : Scamraiders

News from Scamraiders
Scamraiders Founder Jim Couri has released a video address on court corruption in New York and across the country and how it affects everyone’s right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Couri, a $1 per year consultant to, has released a video message on his extensive experience with corruption in the New York Court System. Couri compares these corrupt justices to hit men, as they adversely affect the lives of all of us, stating “these justices have been compromised”

This powerful message is meant as a warning to all those who, as part of their daily lives, enter a courtroom — to beware and be wary of these charlatans. Couri also cautions about the plethora of corrupt lawyers that feed the cancer of corruption in the court system.

The full video message can be viewed in its entirety on or

Scamraiders is also please to announce a soon-to-be-published book — “Conspiracy at 60 Centre: A Stacked Deck at the Courthouse” The book will be an expose and reference regarding corruption in New York courts, spanning the last 60 years, a fact-filled manual of how-to and what-to look for in all issues involving corrupt lawyers and the courts they contaminate. This book will be a fascinating expose — names will be named wherever documentary evidence has been established to expose the wrongdoing by the wrong doers.

Scamraiders is also pleased to announce a weekly Internet radio show, focusing on all types of scams, swindles and corruption. Anyone can call in and interact with Scamraiders, ask questions and hopefully get advice on how to solve some of these problems. More information about Scamraiders on the Radio is coming soon.

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Jim Couri, Founder

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