Thursday, October 15, 2009

Urgent Need for Task Force to Protect Elders in All States

The Task Force to protect the elderly must be implemented in ALL STATES with a force of speed as if a building was on fire and there were small infants and children in the burning building. The Whole system needs retrained!

The guardians, judges, conservatorship, greedy lawyers all must be body slammed AND CAST OUT for robbing and killing our vulnerable Elders. These predators rape the elderly of their rights then throw them away in institutions to be abused and neglected to cover up their crime.

It is what my brother did to our Mother whose only wish is to return home to live with family before it s too late! It' s time the good ole boy network get caught in their own web and STOPPED.

How dare these money hungry mongrels do this to our family members who we Love and embrace and will fight to the end to honor them. We didn' t go through this Hell to stop because we' re mentally, physically drained of fighting for what is right.

I have no resources to save my Mother but I will tell my Mother' s Story until valiant men and women in authority step Forward and CHANGE the abusive insanity our elders have endured for many years.

Do you think GOD Approves of what these low life snakes have done to our elderly? They will burn in hell for what they have done? There will always be bloodshed and loss before the battle is won. GOD BLESS each and every one that has gone through or is going through this battle that seems unending.

Somehow, we must find joy and peace from within while fighting the good fight. We will not allow these devils to detroy us. HOLD ON!

Jane Branson,
Daughter of Mollie Florkey, Hillsboro, Ohio

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