Wednesday, December 2, 2009

*Probate Mafias Zero in on Children and Elderly Who Make Easy Targets

*Disclaimer Welcome to the Probate Mafias rampant throughout the land . Probate court is actually not a mafia - yet this is what is feels like

Clara G Fernandez was forced to leave her home after her Estate was stolen by estranged family member Adalberto J Fernandez in combination with his life's partner William A. Hart of Winter Haven ,Florida.

Clara was kept in the home of Andy Scott Hart at 525 Lake Howard Drive in N.W. Winter Haven ,33880 in Florida while Quit Claim Deeds were being prepared and new POA's drafted which left Clara penniless.

The authorities did nothing to regain Clara's multimillion dollar estate which disappeared as if by magic, but rather appointed an army of Key West attorneys among David Paul Horan, Robert Tischenkel , Julie Ann Garber, Donald E Yates . Cara A. Higgins among others attorneys who watched as Clara's investment property in Port Charlotte ,Florida was sold off on the courthouse steps and jewelry sold off on the internet while billing themselves out of Clara's now dwindling funds but did nothing to protect or guard Clara's assets.

While her social security income was confiscated and converted to legal fees to line up the pockets of the many players that piled on to get a piece of Clara after her abuse and incapacitation.

After complaining to the DCF the manager of the Key West DCF told us if we pressed our complaint that "We would regret it".

When attorney Robert Tischenkel and Donald E Gates re-routed the elders social security income the money that previously went to feed the elder and buy her medications was no more. Here the once proud and financial independent was forced to go to soup kitchens and handouts of free medicine samples given to doctors from traveling salesman relying on the kindness of strangers for her survival.-Something we never thought could happen the the United States of America!

Clara at 93 years old ultimately left the USA for a third world country where elders are respected and she enjoys a loving family live away from endless court hearings and bottomless DCF investigation that only help serve the attorneys to victimize the elders. Unfortunately the DCF has been weaponized and is used by dissatisfied parties that feel shortchanged in the process as a weapon against the elder and their families....

Clara after having broken free from the shackles of tyranny of forced nursing homes stays, chemically restraining, and endless courthearings costing $100,000's she is now enjoying hassle free life surrounding by loving people..........God Bless Clara at 93 she never gave up not even in her darkest moments after having been left alone in hotel rooms to fall and become incapacitated..this by the people that were supposed to be watching over her but were only interested relieving her of her life time of savings....

God Bless Clara ! For having the courage to escape tyranny and start life over at 93 years old!

Note: Clara's husband Dr. A.J.Fernandez got caught in the crossfire and died in utter despair as a result of the stress of the situation a little after a year of the forced separation for financial reasons of the couple that had endured 58 long years of marriage. This is a situation that destroyed the Fernandez family while the authorities refused to lift a finger to investigate or take any steps to help the elderly couple, however they were happy to participate in the pinata that was to become of the fruits of their life's sacrifice.

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