Monday, December 7, 2009

Take Action On Affidavit A.S.A.P. Re: Janet Phelan's Battle Against Corruption

California conservatorship affidavit update

A few weeks ago, we posted this request:

Journalist Janet Phelan regularly reports on conservatorship activities in California. An important appeals hearing recently took place regarding the licensing of conservator Melodie Scott. Scott was prominently featured in the 2005 Los Angeles Times series Guardians for Profit: When a Family Matter Turns into a Business. Click here for an overview of the proceedings. Two later articles are also available: As Scott’s Licensing Hearing Resumes, Conservatee Dies and Scott Licensing Question Now Up to Judge.

Janet sent this request for the EoD audience:

Steve Price, who testified at Melodie Scott’s licensing hearing, has constructed this affidavit for people to sign and will forward the signed copies to the Department of Consumer Affairs. At last count, I believe we have somewhere in the neighborhood of fifty signatures. The head of the DCA must sign off on whatever judgment the Administrative Law Judge comes up with; therefore, the DCA is the best place to lodge our concerns. Please post this with the Price’s email address and a request for signatures and forwarding to Price.


The affidavit text is available affidavit091120. Signed documents should be returned to

Notification has now been received that affidavits are being prepared for submission such that anyone still wanting to participate should forward their signed document to Steve Price as soon as possible.

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