Sunday, January 31, 2010

Legal Industry Gives New Meaning! To Taking Care Of Our Own!

Texas State Bar Board says “hell no” to increased legal consumer protections

Posted: 29 Jan 2010 08:47 PM PST

With a vote of 39 to 1, the Texas State Bar Board of Directors voted today to recommend to the Supreme Court of Texas that legal clients not receive additional consumer protections that would flow from “customers” being informed as to whether or not their lawyers carry professional liability (aka malpractice) insurance.

Here’s the deal. When you go to a doctor, except for seriously flaked-out circumstances, he/she has professional liability insurance (PLI). The same is increasingly true for other professionals. It’s the cost of being a prudent business operator in today’s litigious society. And what causes today’s society to be so litigious?

One influence is certainly the entitlement mentality shepherding our country’s migration into the Land of the Gimme-Gimmes and the Home of the I-Want-Mores. Another influence - the legal industry, those who help perpetuate society’s ability to pursue frivolous or baseless legal action.

The pursuit of justice can be a righteous act. Other times, though, it’s opportunism. But worst of all, contrived legal disputes are becoming increasingly common.

It’s a great gig to wield a double-edged sword of potential prosperity by pursuing business entities through either litigation or the prospect of a lucrative insurance settlement. And along the way, corrupt and blatantly dishonest - even criminal - acts can and do occur.

At, we follow cases in which probate venues and probate instruments (wills, trusts, guardianships and powers of attorney) are used to loot assets of the dead, disabled or incapacitated. Assaulting the personal freedom and lifelong asset accumulation of honest, hard-working Americans is an ugly business being seen with greater frequency.

The legal industry wants disputes between lawyers and clients relegated to Bar-operated disciplinary processes viewed by many as, at best, neutered. Despite sometimes obvious criminality, law enforcement is often resistant to act therefore relegating legal abuse victims to pay-to-play civil venues.

With the “self-policing” legal industry poised to protect its own and civil courts providing expense recourse that is out-of-reach to many complainants, potential pressures toward consumer protections such as liability insurance pose one last threat. Talk about an industry that knows how to give it but not how to take it.

Today’s vote sends a clear message that the legal industry wants to maintain an uneven playing field. Whether here in Texas or elsewhere, people should be concerned.

To learn more about the background of this vote, see Texas attorneys resist malpractice insurance disclosure or Texas legal consumers beware upcoming liability insurance disclosure vote.


Notes from Editor:

Previously we talked about how *mothers guilty of victimless crimes such as simple drug possession were given life sentences with no chance for parole for 15 years, in contrast the legal industry (racket) gets slaps in the wrists for crimes involving multiple victims whose life have been disrupted by the theft of lifetimes of toil, hard work and savings for the golden age which has now become the nightmare from hell from which there is no recourse other than civil litigation which most older victims are unable to pursue because of age, time and money constraints.

EstateOfDenial.Com deserves the highest level of recognition and support for tireless continuing to document the continual abuse by legal practitioners of the captive audience, which is vulnerable elders who turn to them for help.

With the light sentences, often commuted,forgiven,in lieu of probation, agreements of reimbursement, most often not honored , is then any wonder that the crime of elder financial abuse continues un abated by the same people whose facade is to protect the people they often prey upon?

The amount of corruption by the self policing legal industry is beyond the scope of this blog and the study and documentation there of would fill volumes....

Again hats of to EoD for continuing to document these abuses:

Ref :NY Times $40 Worth of Cocaine Brings a Life Sentence

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