Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News From Clara G. Fernandez - 2010

To all those that have written to us to express your concern, the tragedy that's unfolding in Haiti has not affected us here at all. Clara is thriving and doing quite well and she is enjoying her life to the fullest! Clara G. Fernandez, who recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, is healthy and happy surrounded by her loving family members.

Clara escaped from Cuba and to the U.S in 1960 after having all her material wealth confiscated by the Castro Government, she was accompanied by her husband Dr. A.J. Fernandez who became a very influential and well known in the United States, M.D. writing for the A.M.A.and received numerous awards and recognitions after volunteering his services to the U.S. Navy and Cancer Research Institute.

After being forcefully separated from her husband in August 2004, Clara was forced to immigrate once again to escape the confiscation of her savings, and most of all, to avoid being forced to live in a nursing home against her will thus losing her freedom, her will to live, and her dignity.

Dr. A.J. Fernandez
who died on January 9, 2006 because of the stress of this separation from his wife Clara and never understood why they were torn apart after 58 years of marriage., However; due to a sympathetic
Judge VonHoff , and very good attorney, Adrian P. Thomas, the efforts of family members who never gave up on Clara and many hundreds of thosands dollars in legal fees, Mr. Thomas was able to help A.J. realize his last wishes to see his wife Clara, however so briefly, one more time before he died.(see Video on YouTube )

After receiving several confiscation letters here=>> and threats to forced her to live in a nursing home isolated from her family and friends, Clara's family decided that she would be safer living abroad and she then made the arrangements to live overseas with her family.

I must admit, we all are really enjoying life without constant harassment of the Florida Children and Family (DCF), APS, who investigated our family a total of seven (7) times. And what a relief in not having to go to hearings every other week, while attorneys siphon off the saving, sacrificed in blood, sweat and tears of a generation of personal and collective sacrifice.
We no longer have to fight tooth and nail in order to have the right to have our parents live with us in the twilight of their years without having their every last penny taken from them for the benefit of others. WE the family, are really enjoying feeling that our home is really our home without having to pay costly Real Estate Taxes, Disproportionate Insurance bills. And what a blessing it is not seeing the mail carrier delivering threatening mail every day with never ending interest charges, late fees, bills, and the like. (The only bill we get is the electric bill, and it is hand delivered and runs approx. $100.00 USD a month including A/C cost.)

And what a difference in all of our lives, that we now feel we have control over our own destiny as we are not living in a Paternal State who attempts to control every move that we make.
"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." Thomas Jefferson


Anonymous said...

Your comments about enjoying "real" freedom, living abroad are so accurate.True, the US (Washington) and the "States" have become so overly abusive with the whole "Big Brother " thing, watching your every move, and with their hand constantly in your pocket, especially small business it becomes a bit much; The Administration is in the process of destroying the economy/banking system etc; I don't need to tell you theses things, you know!

Anonymous said...

Ray, I am so happy to hear that your Mom is doing well! How wonderful! I read with great interest your story.
Also, thanks for the info on current world events. I especially appreciate your information on being prepared for catastrophes. There is so much good information.

Anonymous said...

Ray, It warms my heart to see Clara, and see her at peace and happy.

Anonymous said...

Great news and thanks for mentioning me in your article

Anonymous said...

Ok. Thank god you guys are safe! Pray for the others who are not.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Would you recommend Adrian Thomas to help another person in this guardianship injustice?

Ray said...

Depends on your situation, if your family is as important to you as mine is to me if ever there were a way to get fair representation and a positive outcome, then I would not hesitate to recommend him.