Friday, February 12, 2010

Letters From A Reader :Killing the Elderly

Eric writes:

Ray, I looked up the drugs you were kind enough to provide and it is disgusting. I'll bet Clara fell due to dizziness caused by the drugs. Mom is on Zyprexa, known for killing the elderly at the rate of nearly two to one. It causes diabetes, dizziness, life threatening constipation, heart attack, stroke and pneumonia. I have been trying to get records and have been refused.

The guardian and her lawyer have threatened to bring violation of HIPAA law against me for signing a release to a xxxx lawyer to sue Eli Lilly for damage done to my mother by the drug. The guardian states in reports that my mother is taking it "voluntarily" but my mother is not told the side effects so there is no informed consent. the doctor did not return my phone call. The guardian, doctor and conservator pass pass the buck but the guardian states in reports that she, is monitoring the drug. So she, the guardian, would not want a law suit against Eli Lilly because it would expose the guardian even though the guardian has the legal right to sue for damage done by the drug.

I have been trying for the last 6 months to get the letter from the guardian's lawyer to the xxxx lawyer (the lawyer who was going to sue Eli Lilly) refusing to allow inoformation that my mother is even on the drug claiming to "protect" my mother's privacy. The letter form the xxxx lawyer back to the guardian's lawyer states the suit will not be pursued unless the guardian allows it in a return letter. No letter from the guardian was forthcoming and the suit was banished to archives.--
Eric, I don't know what to say I will pray for your mother, these are very sick and evil people who will stop at nothing to make a buck , at least in Auschwitz the end came quickly , but here they like to torture people and the end comes slowly from my postings you can see the deadly cocktail they gave my mother, but don't give up! We never did and although I was not able to save my father we were able to make the dash to freedom in time to save my mother and stop the drugs where she was able to recover her memory and cognitive abilities fully.

Today my mother at 93 enjoys a normal family life at home, free from drugs, surrounded by loving family members who revere old age and see it as a blessing they look forward after work to bringing her a newspaper to read, an apple, a mango, just to see her eyes light up, she goes out on outings often and is enjoying her new found freedom.

I pray that you and your mother will be able to enjoy the freedom that we have been so blessed to now enjoy.
Eric, be strong I hope that one day you will be able to escape the hellish situation you now find yourself in and be able to enjoy your mother once more under normal circumstances! When my mother was on a drip, under a plethora of drugs we never thought she get out of alive but we never gave up and were able to arrange for her to leave the country and has now recovered fully.....

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