Monday, February 15, 2010

Letters to Editor - This is Outrageous!

"my mother had been in the hospital, without the guardian notifying the family. She was there a full, FOUR DAYS, before we found out. AND, we only learned of it, when one of my brothers called the assisted living facility. It is outrageous! "


Normally the child parent relationship is sacred, but we do not live in normal times, you are disposable, and a hindrance. Your parents, children do not belong to you they belong to the state and to think that you would be notified and have a hand in making any important decisions regarding then is a stretch, this right is being stripped from us one case at a time.

Thank you for writing and letting others know that this is really happening...

another reader writes :

Dear Ray,
I'm afraid the content of your newsletter is too extreme for my taste so please remove me from your mailing list.

Dear Deb;

Would you consider it extreme to take ones' children,parents away and hospitalize them in secrecy, not allowing the family members to know, why or what they are being treated for or with?

There have been instances from family members dying from administration and possibly overdosing of questionable and still experimental drugs whose autopsy reports have been hidden away under a veil or secrecy citing privacy laws?

What would you call this? Will you also remove yourself from this and pretend it isn't happening?



Anonymous said...

Please go to

then open the the Flow of authority, and Year of the Bible.(Over in the upper right hand corner, of the first page)

These documents were filed into public law, the book and page numbers are on them, if anyone wants to verify this, I filed them in 2000, The Flow of authority is a chart that was made for me, by Clyde Hyde, an attorney friend, of the famous Supreme Court ruling that scares the ____ out of judges, when you use it in filings...the famous "yick wo vs hopkins".

I helped some people win in the courts, teaching them this case, and them using it in their cases, I put it up on my site, for all to see, who care to learn........what the founders meant for this "Republic" to be bound too. THE LAW! and a government set up to be, "of the people, by the people, for the people, not LAWYERS, CON MEN, CROOKS, and life long seated individuals. The elected terms in government was set up to haveterm limits, but we are not holding anyone to the structure we are supposed to keep a watchful eye on.

I also recommend checking your Bible, if you have one, for Isaiah 9:6 and see what it says, this is why Government fear Christians! There is a Christian Party, and it's platform...simple... the Ten Commandments.

I will have the documents at the next 912 meeting, see you then.....


Preston Benjamin said...

What an interesting issue. Aren't it part of an assisted living facility's policy to inform the immediate family members of the admission?