Thursday, March 18, 2010

Defeating Moral Equivalence

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While I served to protect the principle of free speech, I detest when people choose to follow perceptions rather than reality and attempt to rewrite history. Especially when those people equate the honor and sacrifice displayed by the members of the U.S. military with the evil perpetrated by the Taliban.

To those who cast aside reason in this manner, I ask: What do you stand to gain by taking the position that the U.S. is no worse than the Taliban?

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Nice job Crush, really good.

Cyberray said...

To compare our military to the Taliban is so far fetched is probably not worth the time or space in this blog. Our military is one of the most disciplined and well trained in the world with the best of the best of young men and women our diverse towns and cities have to offer.

Now some of our civilian politicians and people in power, that a different story!

As Editor of ElderAbuseHelp.Org I received letters daily, some of which I post, where older people are incarcerated without a trial in institutions against their will, their properties confiscated by greedy court appointed guardians who often buy the properties through a front at reduce prices only to flip them for personal gain(documented-public records) and isolate and restrain family members from seeing their loved ones,forcing the prisioners, the prefer to call them (residents) or (Wards)to experimental drugs and denying family members the information of when or how the died, citing privacy concerns.

These are not isolated concerns but rather a sustained attack on a class of people deemed useless to society, leaving their family destroyed,isolated, and broke from the length and costly legal (one way) battles to free their loved ones. Note: Some elder don't adapt well to an institution and this is a certain death sentence.

This when there are family members wanting to take care of their own but denied because the army of guardians,guardian attorneys,leeches and other low lives profit handsomely from the situation.

These cases are too well documented to pretend this isn't happening, the loss of civil rights and incarceration and submission to drugs to keep docile, claiming that the courts know better what's good for these people while draining their account, separating families and denying their loved ones contact with their families is tantamount to torture.

The Taliban kills you relatively fast, these people torture you for years, and take away all humanity leaving a lot of us wishing we were dead.

Which is worst the Taliban or some of the low lives in power who would rape your dog if there were money in it.

I don't know it's a close call...........

Cyberray said...

You can delete if you feel compelled to hold back the truth to protect the criminal ruling class that no longer represents the 'people' I say the truth because these are real letters from real people who are suffering from having their families separated, their doors kicked down and their relatives led away often never to be seen again! To follow up on my posting please allow me to post one of the hundreds of letters like this I received everyday which overwhelms me, makes me sick, is this what our fathers sacrificed for?

----- Original Message -----
From: rudy bush
To: Ray Fernandez
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2010 2:59 PM
Subject: To see my mother

Ray, do you have an idea of a way to see my mother?

Though I talk to my mother nearly every day on the telephone, I have not seen my mother in nearly 6 years, since the hearing of October 27, 2004 and I need to see for myself if my mother has gained weight due to the elderly killer drug Zyprexa. At that hearing, the last hearing, my mother was ordered out of her home instead of honoring her demand for her right to honest evaluation by a real doctor. The judge, Judge Munsinger, stated during his ruling that day, that he would deny all my mother's or my future pleadings.

The guardian has threatened me with false arrest several times, the most recent in spring of 2009 claiming my request for medical records was a crime. The guardian has ignored the "encouragement to discuss medical" with me, that is part of the guardianship orders.

The guardian's lawyer threatened me with a harassment charge for my leaving a very polite message on the guardian's voice mail asking to see my mother for Christmas 2004 stating my message was "an attempt to circumvent the rules for visitation."

Those rules were written up by the guardian's lawyer, built on false accusations and for me to sign them would be signing a confession. Among those rules was a rule that states that I cannot bring up the "events of May 8, 2003." On that day the guardian brought police and broke down my mother's door, dragged her out of her chair when she could not get up fast enough, handcuffed her and took her to emergency mental ward on false pretenses. You have the story of this day and the recording my mother left on friend of the family Frank Sampson's answering machine.

The Judge rubber stamps everything the guardian wants.

Just what can I do to see my mother?


----- Original Message -----
Sent: Thursday, March 18, 2010 6:42 AM
Subject: [SPAM] Have you ever lived with this?

Have you ever lived with this? All your close friends and family
have died? You have no trust or confidence in our government?
Man, that is an empty feeling!

Have you ever lived with this?
One day blurs into the next. And you keep thinking.........
something will change, some one will change it......... but it
never happens! It`s like a sad lament or even a soap opera,
"to be continued!" And continued and...........
Look, I'm am no crazier than you are (well, maybe I am) I all ways
thought that the cavalry would ride in on their white horses
and save us.......
But as I am sure you will agree.......WE ARE the cavalry!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I help the elderly every day as a fireman. It sometimes sickens me to see the conditions they live in. But, that is a matter for your website, not this one. Since I know where you are coming from, I will let your comments stand. If you continue to make off-topic posts, I will have to delete them.


Anonymous said...

Our government and the agencies that no longer look out for the people whose hard earned tax dollars pays their salaries have become indifferent and callous, I know people are shocked,but kicking down doors and taking off family members into confinement does bring back memories of some pretty tyrannical regimes.....

Anonymous said...

It's really sad that we have come to this and what's more of a tragedy is that people think that kicking down doors and isolating the elderly and taking their property is OK and hardly solicits a yawn from most people! As they say people often get the government the deserve.