Sunday, March 14, 2010

Clara Leaves U.S. to Escape Huge Medicare Fraud and Elder Abuse

Clara G. Fernandez at 87 years old un-wittingly got caught in the biggest Medicare Fraud that has been reported on this website.
Clara who had been together with her husband for 58 years was starting to enjoy the fruits of their life long labor and were planning to retiring to Orlando near the Flea Markets and the Parks that the enjoyed visiting so much to a new Ranch style home that her younger son, a General Contractor was building for them.

Un unbeknown to Clara or the family her oldest son had been secretly planning and patiently waiting for the opportunity to plan his revenge.

Adalberto Jose Fernandez or Al as he was known was harboring a deep resentment from his childhood years and had always maintained his distance from the family...

His opportunity came when Clara was diagnosed as having developed Alzheimer, Dementia, and short term memory loss by her Doctors. Setting in motion an unbelievable tale of revenge, Medicare Fraud and Elder abuse as has ever been documented.

Up the the time that Clara was kidnapped Medicare had only been billed sporadically for routine Doctors visits to the Neurologist,Cardiologist and GP..
Perhaps in the past three years there had been one Hospital visit.

From the time that she was removed from her home for the next six months while she was being held secluded,medicated while her Trust Account,CD's, Real Estate,Jewelry,and other valuables were being liquidated Medicare was billed hundreds of times, there were multiple Hospitalizations, Medicare was billed for 4 Nursing homes stays, and numerous mobilizations some involving air travel with cost of over $22,000 per incident. Medicare was billed for an abundance of over medications, surgical procedures, equipment rentals, and things that Clara never even remotely was involved with such as Colostomy procedures and equipment.. Was remarkable that even after Clara left the country Medicare continued to get billed!

All this for a person that in June 2004 her Doctor remarked that Clara was in excellent health!

Clara was recovered on August 5th, 2005 after this date the Medicare gravy train slowed to a crawl and although the billing continued it slowed down to substantially, from over a hundred billings for 2004-2005 to less than 25 from 2005 to the present.

Even though a panel found Clara to be incapacitated, this did not stop Adalberto Jose Fernandez and William A Hart from liquidating Clara's wealth and transferring it over to themselves in the form of bank drafts,Quit Claim Deed's and other liquidations to many to mention all here.

I am happy to report that Clara now 93 years young has recovered fully and except for the blows that she received when she was left alone in hotels rooms around the State of Florida while her captors were on the run with her, the abuse and injuries she received that left her in a wheelchair for life however she has partially regained her memory and is able to carry on limited conversation.

A sample of the many instruments that Willam A Hart and Adalberto J. Fernandez of 525 Lake Howard Drive,N.W. Winter Haven Florida 33880 used to get Clara's money after her incapacitation, notice that the Bank also named Clara as a Payee however Clara signature is missing from the endorsement as she is being held over-medicated and in strict isolation during the entire time her assets were taken, a period that took over 12 months due to Clara substantial assets.

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