Sunday, April 18, 2010

Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee is Called to Set Record Straight



FDT has asked you to write Governor Bredesen on my behalf asking for his intervention in my case. Governor Bredesen has received hundreds of communications on my behalf. I’ve written him myself. There has been NO response.

Governor Phil Bredesen appointed “Judge” Randy Kennedy to the bench and I hold him accountable for the actions of Randy Kennedy.

I’m asking you to contact Governor Bredesen and ask for the immediate removal of Randy Kennedy from this bench. He is not qualified legally, ethically, or intellectually. Randy Kennedy brings the entire TN judiciary into disrepute.


With the information we have about Randy Kennedy his actions as a sitting judge are the most deplorable, incomprehensible, that can be perpetrated on “we the people”. Not one vote has ever been cast by “we the people” to have this judge sitting on this elected bench. He was appointed by Governor Bredesen and the buck stops there, with the Governor. Randy Kennedy is a threat to our society. He leads a court of legalized organized crime. His lack of knowledge of the law is an embarrassment to the judiciary. There needs to be public outcry with a volume that cannot be ignored. His unethical alliance with attorney Paul Housch is enough, in itself, to incriminate anyone. The 7th Circuit Court, Davidson County, Tennessee, has become a deplorable joke, and for it to be ruled over by Randy Kennedy one more day is an affront to our legal system and a sitting threat to anyone that crosses it threshold.

What Randy Kennedy has allowed to happen in my case is just the tip of the iceberg. What he has done, and is doing to others dwarfs the actions in my case. Do not let him ruin the lives of others. It will go on unless Governor Bredesen is called into accountability. Unless Governor Bredesen takes immediate action, his appointment of Randy Kennedy to the bench will forever taint his legacy. I believe it will define his legacy. I think it SHOULD define his legacy. His alliance with Randy Kennedy suggests that he is a party to the legalized organized crime. This is his one chance to set the record straight.

Understand readers, a Probate Court is where estates worth millions are run through. Take pause and consider this. There is a lot of money at stake and the probate bottom feeders are lining their pockets while the descendants are left with nothing. Just a little education so you will know what is going on. Randy Kennedy runs a one man fascist state where the fortunes men and women have worked their lives for are plundered by the probate bottom feeders under the guise of law. Under Randy Kennedy, this court is an abomination. And its actions are perpetrated with arrogance and a certain attitude of “teflon” because Randy Kennedy thinks he is protected by Uncle Phil. But he’s not protected from “we the people”.

I’m calling you out, Governor Bredesen.

Take action…or let your legacy be tainted.


We full agree with the folks at who said that while probate reform may involve some passing of new laws, a critical first step should be to increase accountability regarding the conduct of both lawyers and judges. Trolling-for-dollars lawyers who contrive legal actions so as to generate billable hours should face real consequences - both professionally and criminally. Judges who ignore or, worse yet, abet such actions should share in similar consequences. A recent posting by Danny Tate at echoes similar sentiments.

One other little EoD fun fact. Bredesen served as mayor of Nashville from 1991-1999. During his tenure, Nashville was awarded a National Hockey League franchise and the Nashville Predators were born. What irony. With Bredesen ignoring Danny Tate’s case, this team name appropriately describes local actions both on and off the ice.

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