Monday, April 26, 2010

Yvonne Sarhan , Another Victim of State Sanctioned Elder Abuse

By Ray Fernandez

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post, as we all have attended many hearings together, fighting for our mothers freedom from bondage. Our mothers were all, deprived of their civil rights, stripped of their wealth and dignity, drugged and denied those precious last years and moments with their loved ones.

* Yvonne Sarhan with her grandson enjoying time together before they were forcefully separated.

Robert, we regret that your son was denied spending time with his grandmother, something that no child should ever have to go through, especially during their formative years. And we regret that you too were kept from spending time with the mother you bonded with for so many of your formative years as she was a hostage of the people that drugged and isolated her. No one has that right to keep any child from spending time with their mother or grand mother during her most precious last days on this Earth. We consider this very criminal that she was taken and isolated from the people most important to her life, and that she was kept in a haze with the forced administration of antipsychotic drugs.

Dr. Robert Sarhan writes in his blog =>>Dr.Sarhan's Blog
"My mother, Yvonne, Sarhan was murdered by Judge Celeste Muir on February 2, 2010 she allowed the Guardian Vicki Brail and Dr Steven Leslie Kaplan to poison my mother with 400 mg of Seroquel a day until she was dead, why because the guardian and attorney's already took all the money from our family.We believe since our since our Governor Charlie Christ has allowed this to happen in our State, our Congressmen the Balart brothers have allowed this to continue for years."

Robert, we all did our best to retrieve our mothers from the "Jaws of Hell", which was a life of isolation, drugging and fleecing so terrifying, that people who have not had their relatives isolated, drugged and interned against their will, could never begin to fathom what we have all been put through. Yes, our mothers as well as other peoples parents, have been all been robbed and discarded or left in a hallway to rot. It is truly a shame that people who hide behind a veil of secrecy claiming 'privacy laws' don't even have the decency to offer these loved ones left behind an explanation of how or why their loved ones even died.

*This is a depiction of the drugging that takes place so often among our elders.

Robert, as you know, my mother Clara G. Fernandez was also interned against her will in a nursing home while being administered drugs intravenously, and according to her medical records, Clara was being given a poisonous cocktail of Darvocet , Ambien and Lorazepam and all of this in spite of the manufacturers warnings that " Narcotics may increase the effects of this drug , and could decrease breathing to the point of unconsciousness and or coma. The labels clearly state; "Do not take this drug with any other drug" as it might slow down the central nervous system, other drugs and sedatives such as benzodiazepine, sleeping pills, monoamine oxidase inhibitor, antipsychotics and the like. The warnings are there, just not heeded by persons looking to do harm to the elders they have inprisoned and robbed.."

I guess when pillage and plunder is a way of life, when the money runs out, (which it often does very quickly at these rates), all too often the medical care of the AIP is terminated and death surely results, oh but we can't let details like these get in the way, as our elders are only precious to ourselves, our children, and our grand children, and to these vultures, our elderly are only a 'meal ticket' who in their eyes are useless eaters who would die any way.

To all of the people who have helped and offered me support, too many to name, I thank them whole heartedly, and with that support I was able to get my mother on a plane and off to the safety of another country, far away from the 'tainted system' than would have surely been her unfortunate demise had we not all fought tooth and nail to free Clara from the forced guardianship that isolated her from her loved ones. I will forever be grateful for the fact that my mother survived this ordeal and is no longer forced to take drugs, intravenously or otherwise, and now, as we all watch her thrive in the company of family, I know this is as "it should be". The time we now spend with her, is priceless, and worth more than all the money that the greed driven criminals were able to take away from us.

*Clara is now reunited with her great grandson Alex and enjoying quality family time together

*P.S. - In the five year battle to liberate my mother Clara, we went through 5 Judges and scores of Attorneys, and thankfully there were some good Judges and Attorneys along the way. It took the hard and relentless work of one very wonderful and caring attorney, Mr. Adrian Phillip Thomas , who stood up to the Judges and opposing Attorneys to free Clara. Mr. Thomas did not give up until he knew that my mother Clara was on a plane heading out to safety. I highly respect Judge Teagan Slaton who refused to be deceived by the lies perpetrated by the greedy attorneys, guardians and their cronies and granted Clara her freedom and restored her civil rights and dignity.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy Clara's freedom, and our hearts go out to the elders and their families that do not have the hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy their parents their freedom and are suffering in silence and feeling powerless to stop the abuse of their elders destined to die in isolation, while being denied the most basic of human rights.


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to believe this is the same Clara Fernandez I saw in her home shortly after you recused her!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for what you went through with your father. Here you have elderly who have raised families and have sacrificed as we do now for our children and they meet an undeserved demise.

Some of the agencies in place to help the elderly do employ people that care. Unfortunately, they are in powerless positions. There is so much red tape to go through and each has a wait of a week or two that by the time you get done what should take 1/2 hour it's 2 months.

There really is no help for the elderly unless they have a family member fighting on their behalf and even then the family member is fighting an uphill battle if a guardian is put in place. We were very lucky.

But this happens whenever someone stands to gain. If that senior had no money, the family would be scrambling to get them care through Medicaid and even that has a waiting and approval time. And, the only way to get emergency Medicaid is if they go from hospital to nursing home, etc. If not it's difficult to go from private home onto Medicaid because someone has to foot the bill while the app is being evaluated.

Senior Care is the biggest catch - 22 going.

But the guardianship is a very criminal racket. Oh and even when the guardian is not the lawyers appointed by the courts. Family members that are able to manipulate guardianship are just as vicious. I read horror stories about that too on the Internet. I'm not even sure how the family member gets it when a power of attorney is in place.

I am fearful if I get disabled in the future.

Anonymous said...

I found missing documents and fraudulent documents involved with my father's conservatorship too. You are right to say nursing homes, caregivers, attorneys and conservators/guardians all work together for self profit. I couldn't rescue my father in time to save him from a horrific death because of the actions of these evil people involved. I live with the haunting memories of it all.
I have found the agencies put in place to "protect" elders and disabled are as corrupt and as involved as the attorneys and guardians doing the abusing! It is a large network and contacting members of any "protection" agency is a total waste of time. They are all profiting by these corrupt activities and have no intentions of stopping these abuses. The only hope I see is at the Federal level.