Monday, May 17, 2010

Gestapo Like Conduct Destroys Lives With Impunity

If there was a contest for "Worst Place For (Gay)Elderly to Live," Sonoma County, California would have to be on the short list, based on what they did to two elderly gay gentlemen, Clay Greene and Harold Scull, pictured here in happier times. Clay Greene was living in his home in **Sonoma County, with his partner of 20 years, Harold Scull. Harold, then 88 years old, fell and was hospitalized. What happened then is every elder person’s – and gay person’s – worse nightmare. The County sprung into action, removing Clay from his home, and sending Clay and Harold, against their will, to separate nursing homes.

Although Clay and Harold had *wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives, all naming each other as their responsible persons, the County even obtained court orders preventing Clay and Harold from seeing each other. The County sold their belongings at auction, and as reported by Scott James of the New York Times, removed the men’s cats from their home, right in front of Clay Green. Clay is still haunted by the scene. “When Clay M. Greene remembered the events of June 2008, he clenched his teeth, his hands tightened into fists and his body shook. They grabbed them by their necks and tossed them in a car,’ he said last week, recalling the fate of his beloved cats, Sassy and Tiger. He never saw them again.” Harold died in the nursing home, a few months later. With the assistance of a court-appointed attorney, Anne Dennis, of Santa Rosa, Clay was finally released from the nursing home According to Kay Kendall of the Bilerico Project, all Clay has left from his life together with Harold is a photograph. The rest was destroyed by the County.

Clay Greene has decided to strike back against this despicable and egregious conduct, and is suing Sonoma County for violation of his civil rights – as an elder and as a gay man – in a lawsuit that will go to trial in July. Clay is from a generation that was forced to live their lives behind closed doors, so he does not use the term “gay” to describe himself, or the term “same sex partner” to describe his relationship with Harold. By standing up for himself, though, he will vindicate the rights of senior citizens in general and gay senior citizens in particular who live in fear that the same thing could happen to themselves.

To read the New York Times article about Clay Greene, click here. To read Kay Kendall’s article in Bilerico, click here.

You can learn more about the lawsuit, by visiting a Facebook page set up by Clay's supporters:



"Although Clay and Harold had wills, powers of attorney, and medical directives, all naming each other as their responsible persons, the County even obtained court orders preventing Clay and Harold from seeing each other." We realized that Wills,Trusts,Medical Directives give a false sense of security as this case clearly proves it means nothing. These legal papers costs thousands to produce, yet they often are not worth the paper the are written on as the courts do not recognize or respect them, just ask Clay Greene or ask me, my mother spent thousands drawing up Trusts, Directives, Addendums, POA's yet it meant little , Probate courts and guardians do not pay a whole lot of attention to these papers and they do what they please free of any legal constraints..

* It doesn't matter if you are gay,straight,white,black,famous, or have a will or not , if you are under the radar are an older citizen and have something of value you are vulnerable and a target for 'IRA' Involuntary Redistribution of Assets ,involuntary lock up, and euthanasia.

**And apparently the writer is not acquainted with the problem as most aren't until it happens to them, then I get a "I can't believe this can happen here/to me letter" it's just not Sonoma county it's anytown,USA.


Anonymous said...

I found missing documents and fraudulent documents involved with my father's conservatorship too. You are right to say nursing homes, caregivers, attorneys and conservators/ guardians all work together for self profit. I couldn't rescue my father in time to save him from a horrific death because of the actions of these evil people involved. I live with the haunting memories of it all.
I have found the agencies put in place to "protect" elders and disabled are as corrupt and as involved as the attorneys and guardians doing the abusing! It is a large network and contacting members of any "protection" agency is a total waste of time. They are all profiting by these corrupt activities and have no intentions of stopping these abuses. The only hope I see is at the Federal level.

Anonymous said...

What is to stop them from doing as the please? Nothing stopped them from breaking into my mother's house for no good reason, handcuffing my mother and taking her to mental institution, then keeping her illegally while I had to get a lawyer, using up the last of my money to get her out, and then the court refuses alll my mother's rights and mine to access to the courts and due process.