Thursday, October 21, 2004

Identity Theft of An Elder Unable to Comprehend

All efforts were made to contact Clara about her Identity theft.
We wanted to let her know what was going on, there was no way possible.
We tried Restricted Delivery, Certified Mail, both she would have to personally sign for.

We paid a process server named Rodney Elinor to serve letters to Clara of all the things that were happening without her knowledge.
Not possible, as Mr. Elinor reported back that as soon as he tried to deliver the correspondence, she was flanked by her abductors.

Lawsuits were filed on 'Clara's behalf' against family members withour her knowledge consent or the ability to comprehend what was going on , in a vain attempt to descredit/intimidate them into silence.

Orders were issued in elder's name in order to block Dr. Fernandez from fixing his house after hurricane Wilma.

False Complaints were filed with the Food and Drug Administration in Clara's name in order to cut off the flow of 'life saving drugs' for Dr. Fernandez , falsely alleging that his medications were 'non-prescription'.

These copies of his prescriptions proved above and beyond, the false claims made on Clara's behalf to the FDA .

A False complaint was filed with the DCF in Clara's name that Dr. Fernandez was being abused, which prompted Clara to personally visit Mr. Scotty Blevins at his office and disavowed that she ever made such a claim.

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