Saturday, October 16, 2004

How Can the DCF Better Protect Our Elders?

The District of Children Affairs were notified in time* , that Clara had been removed from her lawful residence, and from her husband. The DCF would later claim that they had **interviewed Clara at the Hart's Residence several times and that she was happy*** there.

Afterwards she moved to Manor Home, then to Ashboro Manor, then three other places even as the Department of Elder Affairs wrote in their report : With transfers for one setting to another often on an increase, cognitive deficits and decrease in functional ability can arise. -Roberta Matranga BA May 31, 2005

Where did the DCF fail to protect Clara ?

What Steps ought to be taken to avoid this tragedy repeating itself?


Anonymous said...

this is un real, you mean people are doing this and actually getting away with it ! that sux !

Anonymous said...

Check out this link DEVOTED TO CLARA this person really cares! are you one of those? or will you never get old?