Monday, October 18, 2004

Clara was Abducted from her own custom built handicapped home

Because of Osteoporosis, Clara's proxy took exceptional care that she didn't fall. Clara's room was equipped with a two way intercom constantly monitored at night , and her room it was fall proofed for her .

Clara and Dr. A.J. were never allowed to bathe, alone. It's really painfull that she was taken to be left alone in a hotel room , to have to be flown to Miami on 11-17-2004 for emergency neurosurgery, of which she has never recovered ?

Why was she being overdosed at the time of her fall with a combination of drugs that the manufactureer says ' Avoid other sedatives,sleeping pills, and tranquilizers. ?

Why was She taken out of the safety of her handicapped home, and out of supervision of extremely caring, and skilled caregivers, to be pulled around 4 separate counties, as if on a string ?

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