Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elders Having Fun in the D.R.

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This email was interesting apparently the Senator knows about the corruption. As a lawyer how could he not know? What I find interesting in his question that anyone out here has any suggestions of how to tackle the problem that now engulfs all the states. He should realize when the American people no longer trust the judicial system then freedom is at stake for all. What I would like to know what is the reason that we now have to have these guardians when after all these years the American family has been very good at taking care of its members except when a person finds them self the last of the line. Dale

Dale you make a very good point, when I visited Latin countries recently it is a well established fact that we take care of our own and I was hard pressed find a nursing home, when I did find one it was administered by Catholic Nuns you can see it here after a brief intro:

All the work we performed by volunteers in a loving fashion, with weekend outings to the beach, etc.... When I asked how much it cost to keep an elder there, the cost was -0- .Work was all done lovingly by volunteers! for free!I was informed that the the reasons that they were there because they were the last of the line.

Watch the video, when I asked if I could take pictures they said "Why Not?" in contrast in the US it costs thousands to keep an elder there, under conditions so bad that they shudder should you ask to take pictures!
What a shame, How could the American people be so indifferent? Do they think that they are immune to the ravages of time?

Dale another explanation is that American society has been brought up to be so materialistic that to go go out and earn a buck is more important than for any members of the family to take turns taking care of grandma/pa , elders are not bringing any money home therefor they are useless eaters to be confined to die in a old's people warehouse, this is so well established in American society, that any of us that want to take care of the old folks are seen as an anomaly, there must be something wrong with us, or we must have ulterior motives! It is not normal! We must ostracized.

Then there is the financial aspect, if they are broke, no ones cares, if they have saved up for their old age, then surely you must not be allowed to take care of them, you must have other motives, and that must not happen, a
guardian and his armies of attorneys, fiduciaries must me put in charge, no matter how many lives they destroy in the process, only and only if they IP incapacitated person survives the process when the money is gone are you allowed a chance to care for them, as is the case with my mother Clara G. Fernandez, (well documented here) after 5 years of legions of attorneys gorging themselves at the probate feeding trough , were we allowed to take care of her, but only when all the money in the Trust was gone.



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Anonymous said...

Yes, this business of judges who violate safeguards, including statutory and constitutional rights, need to be arrested, not catered to. I say again, why have a legilature if its laws are violated with judicial immunity and the immune judges order immunity for guardians, conservators and trustees? Why have access and dur process rights if judges can just deny access and due process with a simple stamp "DENIED." What the heck has happened to this country that the judicial branch is above the law, violates the law and lies in judicial orders with impunity? Why not be a bit more honest and save money, just turn this country over to judges? What is a name for this? Judicialarchy?