Monday, July 12, 2010

Take Action , How To Expose a Judge

To the General Public:

All of us are suffering from the same problem, abusive guardianships. Numerous members of this group have made valuable contributions, but the problem remains, unresolved. All of the legal maneuvers,all the prospective new laws or oversight agencies will not help us if the very root of our justice system, the judges, are compromised.

Nearly everyone on this group knows what it is like to earnestly plead his or her case in front of a supposedly "neutral" judge, only to have him rule, often in defiance of the law, for the guardian. The buck stops with the judges and we need to focus our efforts on disrobing the individuals who are so violating our families and our rights under the Constitution.

Back in September of last year, the San Bernardino County Sentinel carried a story which strongly indicated that judges were receiving bribes, dressed up as home loans. I am in the process of assembling a team --so far consisting of a legal beagle, an expert (PhD) statistician and yours truly --to address the issue of a bought-off judiciary. We need your help. We need you to do some of the legwork and start researching the judges in your area--your judges--and get over the results to us.

This is what we are asking you to do--get the records on reconveyances and non-reconveyed loans from your local hall of records, held in your judge's (or spouse's) name. In some jurisdictions, preliminary records concerning these transactions are available online. Armed with the document numbers, you then need to go into the county hall of records and request the documents pertaining to the loans and reconveyances and then get them over to me.

I know that most of us on this group are overwhelmed with our own cases and are emotionally drained. But if we want to make a difference here, we have to come together and strike at the heart of the problem. None of the legal assaults we have endured could have happened if the judges hadn't facilitated these quiet, legal atrocities.

I will look to hear from you. I am ready to assist in the process and answer any questions you may have.

For further details refer to : How to Bribe a Judge

Janet Phelan

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Anonymous said...

Today the conservator for my mother-in-law showed up today. The conservator told her all her money was gone and he would be moving her into a board and care home. It took him only 7 years to blow through $800,000..00. When I asked him how he could blow through that much money. 4 times faster then the public guardians blew through $200.000.00 in 7 years, the conservator told me I had mental health issues.

I've tried to get some kind of answers through the courts but going through the courts only cost the estate more money. Asking any kind of questions seems to cost the estate money. Now a woman who has never been deemed incompetent, nor has she ever shown any signs of dementia is going to lose her home of 50 years.
Before the nightmare of conservatorship found its way into her life, her home had no mortgage, she had a nice nest egg of over $60.000.00 in an investment account. Overnight the public guardians stripped her of everything she had worked her whole life to gain.

I am beside myself and I know she is too. What do I do now? This is so wrong.
I would like to tell everyone that has Multiple Sclerosis that this can happen to you. If you are ill in anyway, the vultures will pick at you until you and your money are gone. And no one wants to help you. No one that can help wants to get involved. What kind of society do we live in where this kind of injustice goes on?
I plead with anyone who reads this to help us. If you have any ideas or resources to help stop what is about to happen PLEASE HELP ME.

Living in San Mateo County California