Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Editor's note-Send Us Your Stories

I've asked our readers asking for feel good , success stories as relating to Judges, Guardianship's, and elder abuse stories that ended on a good note.

Unfortunately I have not received enough of those , while the stories of elder and elder financial abuse continue to pour in . Please send us any stories you have good or bad.

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Mother's Advocate said...

With hard evidence of criminal official misconduct,against the Attorney AdLitem in my mother's Hood County (Texas)guardianship case, neither the local D.A>, or the Attorney General has taken action. Do you think that it could be because the AdLitem is the brother of the Republican District Judge, and the fact that the guardianship was turned into an arena of deceit to protect the nursing homes, especially the large chain which monitored and prescribed drugs at it's own and all area nursing homes, and that that same large chain was indicted for illegal campaign contributions which happened during the same time, to the Republican Party? After finding nothing but corruption ate every level of governent, I had to find out why the agencies and courts which are supposed to serve and protect, lied, covered up, and assisted with my mohter's continued torture, tehn I found out about Bush's TMAPS, mandated drugging with high priced and dangerous drugs. Attorney General's in about a dozen states which adopted the drugging for profit schemes created with TMAPS are now filing suit against the pharmaceutical companies for the billions of dollars which Medicaid paid for these reported deadly and harmful drugs; but, none of the Attorney Generals have filed the homicide charges against the pharmaceutical companies, state officials involved with TMAPS, or the nursing homes who also profited , as they drugged elderly and vulnerable adults to death. Too many children were tortured and killed with the same drugs, and still no homicide charges. Research what investigative reporter Evely Pringle has written about Bush's TMAPS plan. Read Allen Jones's full report on TMAPS, it's on the internet. Allenis the Pennsylvania O.I.G. investigator (whistler blower) and hero who sacrificed his job to expose TMAPS. Why did the truth about TMAPS have to come from an investigator from another state, after all my documented complaints and evidence, especially since TMAPS started in Texas? Why did all the over sight agencies lie and cover-up? I have hard proof. Was the Director of Texas Medicaid Fraud Unit too afraid for his job, because pharmaceutical companies wtire big checks to both parties (as Allen Jone's superior told him)? When I asked these same questions to the Director, he said I'd have to ask my elected officials. Well, I've asked for an appointment and I can't get one from the Texas Attorney General (who is an elected official) and Senator Kip Averitt, and others. Most guardianship victims have been drugged with TMAPS drugs, Zyprexia, Seroqel, and Risperidal. The side effects and the costs or horrible. And, as I found out (the hard way in Texas): anyone who dares to notice and complain will be victimized, even by the agencies which are paid to serve and protect.