Monday, March 24, 2008

Abducted Elder Manages to Escape to Freedom - Sues Daughter to Regain His Property

Danville,VA,USA By REBECCA BLANTON - A woman being sued by her father is barred from selling or transferring any of his real estate until the suit is resolved.

Pittsylvania County Circuit Court Judge Charles Strauss has issued an order expanding the temporary injunction that was granted on Feb. 22 against Emma and Bobby Doss.

The couple is being sued by Moncie Lee Doss, who claims Emma, his daughter, and her husband held him against his will for two years, drugged him and sold off his property after gaining power of attorney over his affairs.

Moncie Lee Doss said he managed to escape from the couple and get to safety, according to court documents filed in the case. He is now suing to regain his property and damages.

Doss alleges his daughter auctioned off his farm for approximately $670,000 and diverted $317,000 in his tobacco buyout payments for her use.

Strauss said it appeared that Moncie Lee Doss had raised a “substantial factual and legal basis for the order.”

The injunction prevents Emma Doss from receiving any installment payments associated with her father’s tobacco buyout payments, or from receiving any lump sum payment from the tobacco buyout payments.

Emma and Bobby Doss did not show up for the hearing Friday in Circuit Court.

No attorney or other representative for the couple showed for the hearing either.

Moncie Doss is asking for compensatory damages of $1.5 million and punitive damages of $350,000 in his lawsuit.


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