Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Letters to Editor - The Tragedy of Forced Guardianships

"Elder Fireman Detained Against His Will.- His Crime..."

This is yet another tradegy created by the courts help. It makes me sick. This man lost everything, but what else is new when your talking about involuntary guardianships. This is actually pretty typical.

It dumbfounds me every time I say this, but after investigating these kinds of situations for over a year now, I can say that this is a typical situation.The attorney does not want to be deemed a thief or an abuser. He does not want to lose face with the public. He certainly does not want to let go of one of his many meal tickets so he either bribes, threatens, convinces or sways the medical examiner to see things his way and the courts allow the attorney aka guardians to do this.

Everyone wins in these situations but the elderly ward.The ward loses his life, his rights and his self esteem while the blood suckers feed off the ward until the ward is left to die with nothing.Even after being in the know about these elder crimes for as along as I have, I still cannot grasp what is happening here in the United States.

It still upsets my day every day. I grieve day and night for these elderly people who have done nothing wrong, who only want to live their golden years in peace.

Animals have more rights then elderly people with involuntary court appointed guardians.I believe the judges who refuse to listen need to be jailed too. I wish more citizens would get involved, we need all the help we can get. Thanks as always for this wonderful Blog.
Everyone needs to read this, everyone.God bless you and this Blog.


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