Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Americans and the Elderly

Open Letter to Journalist Janet Phelan:

Hi Janet;

As you know I have been busy relocating to a 3rd world country where the mantra "The best government is the one that govern the least" is the word and the people are the happier for it......My only question is why didn't I do this earlier? It is really culture shock to be where elder abuse is not an issue and people are always in a good mood,money isn't worshipped and people are not always trying to rip each other off....

Regarding your frustration regarding the poor support to the work you are doing,we both know the countless hours we both spend getting the word out is not supported by deeds, many activists I keep in touch with including well known author and activist Irene Masiello share in your frustrations , and as you know in the past when we have asked for donations to further our work the response has been lacking .

Bad guys are like rats there is so many of them that we could never hope to expose them as when you reveal one there are hundreds of others willing to take their place as the rewards in ripping off the elderly are great and have the support of many in high places as stripping elders of their wealth is a very lucrative business.

Perhaps this comment left on my web site helps better illustrate the general feeling of the American people towards the elderly and explains why movement to reform laws and pass meaningful legislature to protect the elderly people have gotten no where in the past 30 years.

"Brookerbs has made a comment on Elder Abuse and Isolation:

Who cares about old fugly people. They are worthless to society and
their time is up. I wish that all of the elderly people in the world would blow up and that would help keep the population down.

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visiting the comments page.

I share in your frustration as so does a lot of elder abuse activists whom I am in touch with on a regular basis and perhaps this comment expressing public sentiment towards the elderly
and public officials who offer lip service but do little in the way of reform helps better explain why the grave robbers, opportunists,looters ,vultures and cockroaches are able to get away with it as long as they have...

Ray Fernandez

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