Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No Elder , Should Have To Go Through This : Help Mollie

In 2003 Mollie Florkey’s son forced Mollie in the Hawthorn Glen Nursing Home in Middletown Ohio against her will. When she tried to leave the son had the medical staff put a straight jacket on Mollie and had them throw her in Lock Down. Mom was in her late 80’s. the treatment was too harsh! The son informed the Hawthorn Glen staff, ” If I tried to take Mollie home to call the police and have me arrested.” While at Hawthorn Glen Nursing Home, Mollie needed to go to the bathroom, she later told me, no one came to help her, she tried to get out of bed and fell flat on her face on a concrete floor. Mollie was rushed to ER.

While at Hawthorn Glen Nursing home Mollie received negligent care. Mollies health was in great jeopardy! Even the aides told me, “if Mollie wasn’t taken out of Hawthorn Glen she would soon die.” It was evident Mollie was going to die if I didn’t get her to a hospital. The son told the nurse Not to call 911 it would be too expensive. The son told the nurse, ” I could take Mollie to ER in my car.” Mollie could barely make it to my car. While at the Middletown Ohio, Hospital ER, the son walks in and ask the ER Doctor if it was really necessary for Mollie to be there. The Doctor informed the son, “Mollie had Pneumonia, Congestive Heart Failure, Bedsores and ulcerated legs. Mollie almost died.

In 2003 the Cincinnati Ombudsman Rep. for Hawthorn Glen checked Mollie’s files at Hawthorn Glen and found out the son had NO Power to hold Mollie Prisoner, Mollie could have gone home at any time. Ombudsman informed the son, “what he was doing was not legal and he could get in a lot of legal trouble. The son flashed his Law Enforcement credentials and the Hawthorn Glen staff allowed the son to get away with holding Mollie illegally. This gave the son time to have his attorney draw up P.O.A. documents giving him full power over Mollie without her knowledge. In order to keep the son out of legal trouble, the documents were dated January 8, 2002. Please keep in mind the Ombudsman Rep. that came into Hawthorn Glen Nursing Home from Cincinnati, Oh confirmed there were (No) January 8, 2002 documents when she reviewed Mollie’s file in (2003) If your going to hold a person PRISONER you better have Legal Documents on file. It was at this point, the son sold Mollie’s beloved home against her wishes.

The son refused to tell Mollie’s daughters how he dispersed her $110,000 from the sale of her home. For our own peace of mind we needed to know Mollie wasn’t taken advantage of. The son threw Mollie’s beloved dog out in zero degree weather, the dog later passed away. My sister and I didn’t have the funds to hire an attorney and the son got away with it. It is my strong opinion, the son used his Law enforcement credentials for his own personal motives and gain and got away with it.

In 2004 the son’s wife left him, for some unknown reason the son decides to release Mollie in my care however, he tells me, “I’m going to prove to you, you can’t take care of Mom, I’m going to (let ?) you take care of her .” For over three years I successfully took care of Mom, (Mollie). Mollie’s physical and mental condition improved greatly. It took over two years but I finally got her ulcerated legs healed by following doctors instructions.

June 3, 2007 the son forces Mollie BACK in ANOTHER nursing home, the Heartland Nursing Home in Hillsboro Ohio. The son threatened me, he told me,”if I challenge his authority, I would not like the results.” I immediately filed for Guardianship. I don’t know the Law, I thought if I was the guardian, I could stop the son from destroying Mollie’s life. The son forced Mollie against her will into the Heartland Nursing Home, he threw me out on the street, (it was an illegal eviction) I had just had emergency surgery, the son then closed down Mollie’s apartment. The son wanted to make sure there was no home for Mollie to return to, when we went to the guardianship hearing 11-14-07.

At the Heartland Nursing Home Mollie sat daily in her urine and feces, with her legs down. The social worker informed me, they were told by the son Not to listen to me, the Caregiver, who took care of all Mollie’s medical and personal needs for over three years.

The Heartland Nursing Home was informed verbally and in writing, it was Doctors orders to do monthly urine cultures, they refused. Mollie was rushed to ER, numerous times with infections and had to have blood transfusions. Mollie’s daughter in Chicago stated to me, “Mollie had Kidney Failure and almost died.”

At the 11-14-07 guardianship hearing the son had to lie, cheat and used his Law enforcement associates to obtain the guardianship. The son’s attorney is friends with the Probate Judge, they were once partners in the same law firm. It was obvious to All in the Court Room the Judges goal was to “Give” the guardianship to the son. It was a Kangaroo Court! Justice does not prevail in Hillsboro Ohio, the Legal System is Corrupt, it doesn’t matter if their Legal Buddy System devastates innocent lives! If your not in the Municipal Legal Whelm Justice will not be served.

The son never took care of Mollie a day in his life nor wanted to. The Judge refused to allow me to present my evidence of tape recordings where Mollie and I were harassed by the Heartland social Worker and medical staff. The Judge refused to acknowledge pictures of Mollie’s deteriorating appearance since being forced to stay at Heartland. The Judge refused to acknowledge Mollie’s legs were healed BEFORE forced into Heartland and now they were ulcerating due to the fact, Heartland refused to keep her legs elevated. I have the social worker on a tape recording stating, “they would Not make Mollie keep her legs elevated. It was explained per DOCTOR’S ORDERS, it wasn’t an option if she didn’t, Mollie would have serious medical problems which happened.

See PICTURES OF MOLLIE’S ABUSIVE NEGLECT. The Judge Refused to show any consideration for Mollie’s medical and personal needs. Mollie wasn’t even allowed in the Court Room. The Judge refused to acknowledge the son would rarely visit Mollie at her home and was inept to understand Mollie’s medical and personal needs, it was the reason Mollie suffered horrific “UNNECESSARY” pain and mental anguish at the Heartland Nursing Home.

The son knowingly and willingly defamed my character in order to obtain the guardianship. When I would visit Mollie at Heartland he left Orders for the Social Worker and medical staff to force me to leave without reason or just cause. If I didn’t they were told to call the police. The social worker did this in front of Mollie to purposely upset her to create false incident reports against my good name. Mollie asked the social worker, “Why, Why does my daughter have to leave, she’s done nothing wrong, we’re not bothering anyone.” The Social Worker replied while laughing, “because your son wants her to leave.” I recorded this conversation. One of Heartlands aides informed me, ” the son and the social worker were going to try and keep me out of Heartland, to force Mollie to submit to stay at Heartland and forget about returning home to live with me. NOTE: ( I have this conversation on tape.)

As long as I live I will never forget, as I was being forced to leave, my Mother, (Mollie) begging me not to leave her. Hearing my Mother, crying, calling to me, “Janie don’t leave me, take me with you. ” It was absolutely devastating to my soul! Before leaving Mom, I knelt down beside her and PROMISE Mom, ” I would never stop trying to FREE her, I would do my very Very Best to bring her back home to live with me.”

Mom was shaking and very upset, the Social Worker could have given my Mother a heart attack, they simply didn’t care. It was whatever the guardian wanted. Mollie’s medical and personal needs didn’t matter. The Heartland Nursing Home ignored the Residents Bill Of Rights 1987.

Mollie’s son had refused to allow me to see Mollie in over a year. To not allow a Mother to see her youngest child at the end of the Mother’s life is Evil! Mollie will be 91 years old July 9, 2009. Feb. 12, 2009 my son and I went into Heartland to see Mollie. Mollie’s son had told family members I could visit Mollie whenever I wanted. That was another Lie, I was told by the social Worker to GET OUT.” I refused to leave. My son convinced the social worker into letting me stay. Mollie was thrilled to see me, she wanted to know where I had been. Mollie said, ” for a long time I saw you everyday, then one day you were gone.” My heart broke because it was clear how much she missed me.

What the son did to Mollie was criminal! To rip Mollie from her home and a daughter that saved Mollie’s life. Mom knew she could always count on me to take care of her daily medical and personal needs. Mollie wasn’t dying, she wasn’t ill and didn’t need skilled care. It is shameful what the son has been allowed to do!

Ombudsman, the Ohio State Health Dept. KePro/Medicare/Medicaid, ALL the Ohio Elder Agencies, the Governor Of Ohio, our Ohio Senator’s Refused to step in and help a defenseless, vulnerable Elder. It’s only about reviewing medical files, appeasing the nursing home and the guardian. The Elder agencies didn’t like it because I questioned their method of investigating and I feel it made it much harder on Mollie. Since they didn’t like me Mom received negligent care. The nursing homes can document anything they want. The nursing homes are not going to document their negligence. It seems an ABUSIVE GUARDIAN HAS ALL THE RIGHTS. According to the Authorities, ” if the abuse isn’t happening while they’re at the Heartland Nursing Home, it isn’t happening.” What Kind Of Investigating Is That? The Authorities only talked to the Heartland nursing home and the son.

Heartland and the son are not going to Advocate Mollie’s Rights! The so called Authorities sealed Mollie Florkey’s miserable fate and refused to rescue her.

The Authorities stated, “they appreciated my comments and informed me, they would pass them along. That was over a year ago!

Pass them along to WHO? The SON and the HEARTLAND NURSING HOME ARE SLOWLY KILLING MY MOTHER, (MOLLIE FLORKEY) AND THEY’RE GETTING AWAY WITH IT! Heartland wants Mollie to have a slow, death, they don’t care if she suffers, because they want the funding from the STATE!. The son wants Mollie gone Now, in my opinion because he has a Huge Life Insurance Policy on her. It is my strong opinion, it may be the reason the son did not get proper medical care for Mollie. The last option would be the son needs a psychological evaluation. The son should be held accountable how he spent Mollie Florkey’s money, it’s all gone, whatever is left of Mollie’s possessions, is in the son’s pole barn. In the meantime I’m told, ” my comments will be passed long.”




During World War II, Mollie Florkey worked on Airplanes that flew into combat over enemy territory. Mollie Florkey lost her husband at a very young age, when her children were babies. Mollie Florkey held down two jobs, came home every night, fixed a full coarse meal, did a load of laundry and cleaned the home. Only to start over the next day. That wasn’t easy! Life was hard on Mollie but Mollie Florkey has got “TRUE GRIT!” Mollie deserves to be Respected, receive the Best Medical care with kind, loving people caring for her!!!! Anyone that has cared for an Elder Understands it isn’t easy however, our Elders belong to us and we must step up and take care of them properly as our Elders did!

Columbus Ohio Ombudsman informed me, ” they found no fault with Heartland or the son. They refused to talk to outside witness’s that would confirm Mollie’s legs were ulcerating due to Heartland negligent care of not keeping her legs elevated. They refused to acknowledge pictures of Mollies deteriorating physical appearance, they refused to acknowledge my 31 incident reports of Mollie’s negligent care at heartland, they even refused to listen to the tape recordings of Mollie and I being harassed at Heartland. On July 26, 2007 the Ombudsman Director saw Mollie sitting in her urine and feces, saw Mollie’s legs ulcerating, she saw bleeding bedsores but said Heartland had corrected the problem. That was a lie, on Nov. 14, 2007 the day of the guardianship hearing, Mollie was rushed to ER with Congestive Heart Failure. Nine days later Mollie was found on the Heartland nursing home floor in a pool of blood with her head split open. At the Highland District Hospital in Hillsboro Ohio, the medical staff determined along with Mollie’s head busted open, Mollie had a full blown urinary track infection, a Hugh hole on her leg, her legs were ulcerating and bleeding bedsores.

At the 11-14-07 hearing, the Judge stated to “me” in Court, “after everything I’ve heard, then he paused and caught himself and said at the last hearing on August 8, 2007, (Now) you don’t get to see your Mother at all and that’s just what you get for all the trouble you caused.” The Judge then stated, ” the son is calling the shots and he will be the one who decides if and when you see your Mother.” NOTE: Nothing was said against my character at the Aug. 8, 2007 hearing or the Nov. 14, 2007 hearing. At the 11-14-07 hearing the son stated, “Jane takes good care of Mollie.” I’m a law abiding senior citizen, I’ve never been in trouble with the law. At the August 8, 2007 emergency hearing I informed the Court due to Heartland’s consistent poor care of Mollie sitting in her feces & urine daily, Mollie’s legs were never elevated, her legs were ulcerating, bleeding bedsores, Mollie not being bathed and always wearing someone Else’s clothes, I called the Ohio State Health Dept. to try and get Mollie proper medical attention. It was my Right to do so! My Mother was receiving abusive care. Because I called the Ohio State Health Dept. was the only reason the Judge made the statement, “all the trouble I caused” and used that lie as an excuse for the son to have time to bully Mollie and force her to submit to staying at Heartland. The Judge gave away his Court Room to the son on Nov. 14, 2007 and almost cost Mollie her life.

The Probate Judge informed me it wouldn’t do me any good to file an Appeal. I could not afford another attorney but filed an Appeal on my own. There were numerous mistakes and statements left out on my transcript by the Probate Judge’s, Court Reporter. I filed a motion for the court reporter to correct my transcript. The Judge denied my motion. I filed a motion for an audio of the guardianship hearing, the Judge denied my motion and of course I lost my appeal.

I have been up against Giants without any resources to help FREE Mollie. It should be clear to all now, the Legal Buddy System in Hillsboro Ohio put Mollie Florkey through an unneccessay, hellish transition of suffering needlessly at the end of her life where she almost has died due to negligent care of the son and the Heartland Nursing Home.

May 18, 2009 my son and I went back into Heartland to see Mollie. Again I was told to “Get Out.” Mollie started crying when she saw me. I wrapped my arms around her, Mom kept repeating my name, telling me how much she loves me. Mom was in bed, she has lost a lot of weight and she had an IV in her arm. Mom is very ill and needs to be in a hospital immediately! I read Mom her “Mother’s day card” that was two weeks over due. At the end I told Mom, “I Love you as far as the east is to the west! “ I asked Mom to “HOLD ON” that MIRACLES still happen. Mom promised me she would!

Please send HELP! Mom can’t hold on much longer! Mollie Florkey needs to be in a hospital to get proper care! The son must be removed as Mollie Florkey’s guardian! The Probate Judge must be removed from having any control over Mollie Florkey’s life. The Judge sentenced Mollie to an agonizing death.

Mollie Florkey must have the Right to return home to live with me where she will receive one on one care before it’s too late!

Please Help Save Mollie Florkey!


Jane Branson, Daughter of Mollie Florkey



caring elderly said...

No elder should be treated the way Mollie is. And come to think of it, she is being abused and neglected by her own flesh and blood. I can't imagine how hard it is for you to know that your mom is suffering and that it seems like there's nothing you can do about it. I'm praying that you'll find the right people that can help you fight for your mom's rights and well-being. That "son" of hers deserves to rot in jail.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, Jane is so emotional about this that she has distorted the truth.
Why is Jane being asked to leave while visiting her mother? She must be raising a ruckus and upsetting Mollie and the staff at the nursing home. Family is always welcome at nursing homes, but not if they upset the patient(s). If indeed Mollie has been or is being mistreated, there would be action taken by persons from at least one of the agencies that Jane has contacted!!