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Do Older Americans Stand a Chance? Is This Nightmare Really Happening to Us?

by Rudy Bush

This is a picture of my beautiful mother, Silvia Bush Tessadri, who is now a senior citizen, who was kidnapped from her home on May 8, 2003.

The social services is so entrenched it has the power and the leverage to commit crimes on the elderly and use false reports to cover it up and cause fully competent senior citizens to be forced on guardianship and conservatorship against their will, in the false name "protection." These guardians and conservators commit crimes on the elderly, kidnap them, steal all there money, and put them on drugs like Zyprexa whch are known to kill the elderly.

I want you to put yourself in Silvia's situation because if this is not stopped it will be you. The following are excerpts from "Court Ordered Abuse of the Elderly in Colorado, A White Paper Case Study" authored by me, Rudy Bush, and presented to The Colorado General Assembly on March 11, 2009.)

........ Put yourself in this situation.

This is your house. You paid it off early so that you would feel secure. You did good! You worked all your life, now you have enough money put away to live just like you want to live.

Your home is a nice upper middle class home that you paid off early just so you would have peace of mind. It is a comfortable home because you made it comfortable. You made it comfortable through 50 years of work in your home. It is home. When you look out the window into your yard you see the lawn you planted, and watered and made grow thick and green, the beautiful lilac bushes you planted and kept healthy all those years. You have furniture you picked out and updated as time went on. You have thrown out, or given to good will, everything you no longer wanted so that things are nice and neat and clean, and everything is just the way you want it."
This is adult protection in America, a country that wants to be judged on the way it treats its “Older Americans.”[1]

The threat of the siege is carried out by carrying you out. Breaking into your home, and taking you out to see their doctors,[2] and this is after you submitted to evaluation, and after the “assist order” was vacated because you submitted to evaluation.[3]

The judge gives his ok to bring police again to your house when the guardian comes to meet and gain your trust. Anne Grasee, the guardian and her lawyer Marcia O’Brien come up with a plan. They plan to declare you a danger and break-in and take you, if you will not let them in.[4] She shows up at your door with 2 armed policemen, her lawyer, and Rena Kuberski of the social services. All 5 people on your porch at once demand entrance. Your son was not home because Judge Munsinger ordered him onto the street and out of your life in his orders--protection order making him move out. This was asked for as part of the false evaluation report based on the sealed and the dismissed case from 1988 and lies and deceptive comments by the evaluator, in the report, which is refuted by the truth of the tape recording.[5] You are there at home alone with 5 people on your porch demanding entrance. You asked them to leave. Very politely, they agree to leave. You went back to cleaning your coffee pot. They went around the back and broke in.

· Your house is broken into; you are pulled off your chair as you are cleaning you coffee pot peacefully at your own kitchen table.[6]

· When, at 78 years old, you can’t get up fast enough--

· You are grabbed by your shoulder pulled off your chair onto the linoleum of your kitchen, hurting your shoulder.

· On the floor, you are handcuffed.

· Taken out of your house.

· Loaded into an ambulance.

· In the ambulance, your arm is held in the air by a wire. (Illegally, in violation of procedure.[7])

· You are taken to St. Anthony’s psychiatric, ward (again, illegally, in violation of procedure.[8])

· No attempt was made to contact your son.

You have time to make a call and leave a message asking for your son on Frank Sampson’s answering machine while they are breaking in. This tape recording is proof you are not delusional, gravely disabled, or a danger to yourself or others.

Frank Sampson calls right back, while the break-in is in progress and can verify the tape recording from his machine and the conversation with Silvia and he can verify that she was competent, sane, and after Frank Sampson told her he could not reach her son, she said, “I will have to face this myself.” Those are not the words of someone who is a danger, or delusional.

Your son calls Frank Sampson within minutes of the break-in and abduction, as if some force is directing him, he is worried. Frank Sampson plays the recording for him over the telephone. He is within minutes of home. He doesn’t care what they do to him. He runs into your house hollering for you. “Mom!” But there is no answer. Your son walks into your kitchen but everything feels different. The kitchen is a mess. Every door in the house is open and, on this cold May Day, the wind is whipping through the house, it feels like death. (This is no exaggeration.)

Rena Kuberski of the Jefferson County Social Services, who started the siege over a decade ago, and brought false cases claiming to protect you from your son, continued the siege and whose name is on the slander sheet, now walks into the kitchen through the back door like a NAZI general, and says, “Who can’t come in now?” “Get out!”[9]

When your son asks, Rena Kuberski tells your son he is not allowed to know where you are. He has no legal right to know.

Rena Kuberski, short in stature as she is, walks toward your son like she will walk right over him if does not leave. While she is doing this she orders him out. Your son would like to investigate the damage done to the house by the break in but does not dare.

Your son leaves.

Your son vows to himself to find out where you are. The guardian will not tell him. He is frantic, and wants to protect you but their power is too strong, they operate together and back up each other to bolster their false reports. He knows this is not the way the law is supposed to work and he knows this in not “protection” or something normal to America. He knows they don’t care about you. And he knows nobody will listen to him. And he knows the judge hates him because his tape of the evaluation proves the evaluator is a liar and that his taping the evaluation and proving the evaluator committed perjury is considered “disrespectful.”

Rena Kuberski of Jefferson County Social Services makes another false report. Your son told her he returned because he got a message from you that it was an emergency and he should go home, but she puts in her report he returned to secure the house.

The break-in was illegal for a number of reasons. There was no attempt by those who broke in to contact your son, you, provably, were not a danger to self or others, you were restrained with a wire while you were prone in the ambulance, you were taken when you clearly did not want to be taken, there was group think and false reports galore, and one policeman said he was told a violent son was in the house and by the time they broke in and saw that not to be the case they had to think fast and say you were dangerous to legitimize it and had no choice but to take you away.[10]"

[1] Senate subcommittee on Aging, Hearings, 2003-2006
[2] This is how Robert Case, Assistant County Attorney, had said it a year previously when he got the “Assist Order,” This “break-in” was done after the “Assist Order” was vacated by appointment of guardian. The break-in is an illegal use of police to create appearance of need for guardianship after when a tape recording of the evaluation proves the guardianship was forced on Silvia based entirely on perjury and hallucinations.
[3] Jefferson County case 01-PR-306, Assist Order Vacated March 13, 2003; Break-in, May 8, 2003
[4] Information on source upon investigation.
[5] Jefferson County case 01-PR-306, Evaluator commits perjury by falsely stating Rudy frightened the evaluator by raising his voice and putting his hand near her face, the tape verifies that Rudy never raised his voice and his true tone of voice would not go with the hand; The false report also states that Rudy left the room while Silvia played his favorite song and she was looking for her son while playing it. The tape recording proves very clearly that Rudy never left the room while his mother played “Roll Out the Barrel,” his favorite song and that Rudy said, “It’s my favorite,” while his mother was playing it. The false report states Silvia said it, to be in keeping with Gale Nichter’s pretense Rudy had left the room.
[6] Evidence presented at an investigation
[7] Procedure rules of West Metro Fire Protection District
[8] ibid
[9] Rena Kuberski of the Jefferson County Social Services was referring to the summer of 2000 when Silvia didn’t want them in anymore. This not wanting them in anymore was the result of Rena Kuberski previously sending police who demanded to wake Silvia up in her bedroom, from her nap to prove she was not “dead.”
[10] West Metro procedure; Sources of knowledge of the events of the break-in divulged on investigation
This is an amazing story that needed to be told in yet another very well documented case of goverment overeach and blatant civil rights abuse , and what's is more amazing is that Sylvia Bush Tessadri 's desperate and horrifying pleas for help were caught on tape as she was being taken away in this short recording available for downloading and listening Click Here=>>

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