Friday, August 28, 2009

Probate Corruption.- How High Does it Go?

Janet Phelan

258 A Street #1-15

Ashland, OR 97520

August 7, 2009

To the Presiding Judge of Riverside Superior Court,

I am contacting you with grave concerns about some of the financial affairs of Commissioner John Michael McCoy. While McCoy has indeed been filing his form 700’s with the Fair Political Practices Commission, it appears that his disclosures are not consonant with his true financial dealings.

The number of reconveyances by John McCoy, which are public record and available at the Riverside Hall of Records, are not reflected in his Form 700’s. For example, Commissioner McCoy took out a reconveyance, recorded as document # 2006-0131733 on February of 2006 which he never reports to the FPPC.

Commissioner McCoy is, in fact, taking out a prodigious number of reconveyances. A partial list follows: 2009-0346345







While I am not alleging at this point in time that Commissioner McCoy is engaged in criminal money-laundering activity, it is well known that some public officials have from time to time attempted to obscure pay-offs through “loans,” which could be paid back by the bribing party. This practice obscures the money trail that is associated with bribes and pay-offs.

I recently discussed similar activity by a sitting San Bernardino County Probate Judge, Michael Welch, with the Commission on Judicial Performance and with the DA’s office. More work needs to be done to determine what is going on here.

In the meantime, I must mention that I am now in Commissioner McCoy’s court. To my shock and amazement, I was just informed today that a motion to compel, which I had generated and appropriately noticed the other side to be heard on October 8, was switched without my notification to this coming Monday, August 10th. I was also informed just yesterday that a Request for Continuance, which I had been told just last Tuesday was signed by Commissioner McCoy, was in fact NOT signed and I am to appear in court on Monday to pursue my Petition for Surcharge against Melodie Scott and attorney J. David Horspool who have refused to comply with the demand for discovery. I must protest that the switching of dates without informing the moving party

and false information being given by a clerk as to the granting of a continuance smacks of corrupt legal practices. The case number relevant to this matter is RIP 080974.

Please get back to me on this at your earliest convenience.


Janet C. Phelan

One If By Land

Liberty News Radio

Cc: Toni Eggebraaten, Esq

Mark Gutglueck, San Bernardino County Sentinel

Jack Leonard, Los Angeles Times

The Government Accountability Project


this letter was faxed to the Presiding Judge of Riverside County on a Friday. The following Monday, we had a hearing in McCoy's courtroom.

He came into the courtroom a bit late,and informed us he had been pulled off the case. The case was then assigned to a Judge Sharon Waters, in Riverside Court. I immediately checked out Waters and then called the DA, who has already received the info on McCoy, to tell him that Waters was reconveying even more than McCoy.

Within a heartbeat, before even a hearing, Waters was pulled off the case and it was reassigned to a Judge Gary Tranbarger, who, according to my search vehicle, has only taken out one loan on his property in the past ten years. Nothing suspicious about that...

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