Sunday, August 23, 2009

Crimes Against Elders : A Reflection of Culture

Brothers guilty of beating, urinating on grandmother

As published by Salt Lake Tribune

Two Salt Lake City brothers accused of assaulting their grandmother as she was taking a shower and urinating on her pleaded guilty Thursday to misdemeanors.

Christopher Eugene Hansen, 22, and Michael Levi Hansen Jr., 20, each pleaded guilty to abuse of an elder adult, which originally was charged as a felony and dropped to a Class A misdemeanor; lewdness, a Class B misdemeanor; and domestic criminal mischief, a Class B misdemeanor.

The brothers are slated to be sentenced Oct. 5 by Judge Robin Reese.

The elder abuse charge carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail and the Class B offenses have a punishment of up to 180 days in jail each. The two could be ordered to serve up to two years behind bars if the sentences are stacked.

The attack occurred July 2 in Salt Lake City, where the two men forced their way into a bathroom in the home they shared with their 66-year-old grandmother as she was taking a shower, according to charging documents.

Prosecutors say Christopher Hansen threw bottles of shampoo and baby powder at the woman, punched her in the face and urinated on her. They say Michael Hansen shoved and hit the grandmother as she tried to leave the bathroom and urinated on her clothing.

Police reported bruising on the victim's face and a cut on her head.


*Euthanasia is starting to sound ,more and more attractive everyday, perhaps a collar with a timer that at age 65 it emits a painful electric current forcing the wearer to go to a clinic where he/she would be euthanised. The alternatives, to have your assets confiscated, be forced into a nursing home against your will where you will be chemically restrained, and all contact with your loved ones blocked... does not sound too attractive...

Of course we could always immigrate to a country whose culture does not denigrate elders, and even thought there are sizeable retirees communities living abroad in Coasta Rica,Panama,Mexico,the D.R. and others, most Americans do no think to live until it's too late for them and they already have been committed.

*Exceptions to this would be made for the ruling class, Congress,lawmakers and other influential citizens would be exempt from this

Switzerland is on the cutting edge of this new movement towards the end of life for citizens that it has an unusual position on assisted suicide: it is legally condoned and can be performed by non-physicians. Euthanasia is illegal, but there is a debate about decriminalization that also discusses participation by non-physicians Source=>>

British Couple End Their Lives at Switzerland Euthanasia Clinic — A husband and wife have become the first British couple to commit suicide at Switzerland's voluntary euthanasia clinic, Dignitas. Both suffering from terminal cancer in an 'advanced stage' when they took the decision to end their lives.

Considering the alternatives perhaps our current administration is forward in its thinking to revisit the issue of end of lives programs...................

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