Monday, August 31, 2009

Stealing Your Parents Blind 101 Part 2

A West Valley City couple are accused of bilking their elderly mother out of more than $100,000 while failing to care for the woman, who developed bedsores and other ailments as a result of the alleged neglect.

Corin Lynn Barker and his wife, Nadine Barker, both 60, were charged Tuesday in 3rd District Court with abusing Beatrice Barker, 90, who died in June.

Corin Barker was granted power of attorney for his aging parents in 2006 and gained control of their bank accounts, which included $40,000 in Social Security checks and other retirement savings, according to charging documents filed Tuesday.

When his father died in 2007, an insurance company paid his mother $62,241 in benefits, which went into a joint account, charges state.

West Valley City police began investigating Barker after receiving a complaint of neglect from staff at Pioneer Valley Hospital. Beatrice Barker was hospitalized in early June after losing weight and having renal failure and pneumonia, charges state.

Police investigating the severe bed sores discovered Nadine Barker was charged with her mother-in-law's care, including purchasing the woman's groceries, giving her medication and taking her to the doctor, charges state. Beatrice Barker required around-the-clock care.

Nadine Barker and her husband allegedly hired their daughter-in-law, Angie Barker, to provide every day care of her grandmother-in-law at one point, charges state. But Nadine was considered to be the main caretaker, police said. Nonetheless, Angie Barker also faces charges.

Police served a search warrant on Beatrice Barker's home at 3376 S. Beehive St. (2970 West), where they found mold growing in the refrigerator with no food available.

The woman's prescription bottles were empty and her bedroom contained a box spring and mattress on the floor, charges state.

Police later determined that Corin Barker had drained his mother's bank accounts, charges state.

The $102,914 of his parent's money that Corin Barker had control over dwindled to $1,829 the day of Beatrice Barker's death on June 14, charges state.

Corin Barker told investigators that he spent $56,482 of the money "for his own benefit" but spent the rest on his parents' care, according to charges.


Anonymous said...

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This issue also pertains to Constructional rights violation of due process and interstate commerce, and has been on going for well over 20 years. Although H.R. 448 is not ultimate solution, it is a beginning as it includes (A) "a comprehensive analysis of the effectiveness of such State laws and practices including (v) fiduciary laws, including guardianship and power of attorney laws.

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone help our family out? DSHS has done absolutely nothing.
Isolation and mental abuse continue towards my mother.