Monday, June 21, 2010

Danny's Diary

From Danny’s diary thanks to EstateOfDenial.Com

Posted: 21 Jun 2010 05:16 PM PDT
Danny’s DiaryJune 21,

In the aftermath of the “Final Hearing”, I’ve been left with picking up the remnants of my life to piece it back together. The one glaring result is that this conservatorship did anything but conserve my estate. But that was never the intention of my “conservator”, his attorney, or this court. And “saving my life” was accomplished by the grace of God and despite the malicious actions of a jealous brother, a crooked lawyer and a incompetent judge. They blew through my estate faster than a court room full of crackheads.

Another issue that is obvious is that the “Final Hearing” was anything but final. It was merely a dog & pony show that the court put on to appease the Free Danny Tate supporters and the press that was present. The adversaries thought this would make “it” and “us” all go away. I believe that will not be the case. The Judicial Code states that courts should welcome public scrutiny. Such is not the case with this court. It loathes public scrutiny, for in it crimes are committed on a daily basis. By those that have been given authority to protect the interests of “we the people”. In this probate court lawyers line their pockets with the earnings of hard working men and women who are left subjected to a judge who, at the least, ignores the law by which he has been appointed to govern, not to mention he is supposed to be elected, but that has never truly happened.

Last week the ratings of corrupt states came out in the press. Tennessee ranked #1. I believe this court represents that corruption. And it will continue unless its officers are brought to accountability. What continues to disturb me is that those who hold lawyers and judges accountable, such as the Board of Professional Responsibility and the Tennessee Court of the Judiciary, seem to be more interested in protecting errant lawyers and judges instead of protecting the citizens from them. Than again, what should we expect in the state that ranks #1 in corruption.

Governor Bredesen, you have remained silent through this entire ordeal. I hold you accountable and believe this will define your legacy.

We are at a unique time in history when public outcry over corruption amongst elected officials is at a fevered pitch. We are tired of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Crooks and liars are the cooks and fryers in the kitchen of our lives. It’s time for a house cleaning. The founding fathers are turning in their graves. The patriots who rose up against tyranny must be preparing for a rapture. In the midnight hour of our history, I would like to think their ghosts are plotting a coup.


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