Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Intent to Murder by the Howard County, Maryland, Office on Aging"

Remember Terri Schiavo? This is NOT about “Healthcare” or who is president! For my father, William Morris, it is about CORRUPT SOCIAL SERVICES and CORRUPT CIRCUIT COURT JUDGES in Howard County, Maryland:

The Howard County Office on Aging, a part of Howard County, Maryland, Social Services, INTENDS TO MURDER MY, ELDERLY, FATHER. Their, illegally, gotten “guardianship” of my parents was, sufficiently, corrupt. They perpetrated, so, many false allegations, against family (mostly me for my advocacy) that they obtained restricted visitation, 3 hours, in the afternoon, at the assisted living. My father was, so, traumatized by the isolation that, along with the trauma of abuse at the assisted living, including withholding of food and a, resulting, huge weight loss, he suffered a major heart attack in February of last year (2009). Miraculously, he survived. However, the night of June 8th he suffered an attack of pulmonary edema and the, resulting, shortness of breath. He has been in Howard County General Hospital for three weeks. He has had some set backs and reoccurrences, but, needs a feeding tube, for sustenance, a procedure which is minor surgery and which, according to nurses and doctors, is standard protocol, for such situations. He is not and has not been comatose. He is able to communicate. The nurses refer to him as “feisty” and they think he is “cute”. Several of them, even, flirt with him.

Here is the rub! In less than four years, the Office on Aging has spent down my parents’ estate from, approximately, $450,000 to NOTHING! My parents have no more money, when I could have cared for them on their social security and pension. SINCE THEY HAVE DEPLETED ALL OF MY PARENTS’ ASSETS, THERE IS NO MOTIVATION TO KEEP MY FATHER ALIVE! In spite of the viability of a feeding tube, the Office on Aging intends to petition the court to, not only, withhold and withdraw treatment, but, to DENY HIM A FEEDING TUBE! Considering the Howard County Circuit Court judges have, actively, participated in this racket, I have no reason to believe the request will be denied. I realized these issues, in 2007, when I saw the online docket of another case, Dorothy Dier, at the Maryland Judicial Case Search site and the filings of her son, from whom guardianship had, also, been stolen by the Circuit Court and the Howard County Office on Aging.

For more history, I have posted articles on the neglect and abuse my parents have suffered under “guardianship” on line. (Locate via google search: “Neglect & Abuse of William & Ada Morris”.) I have, also, posted regarding the corruption, behind the abuse. (Locate via google search, by adding to the first search words: “Racketeering Scheme Open Letter to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley”.) I have been in this legal battle, to protect my parents, for four years. Watching my parents suffer, under the state’s guise of “protecting” them, has been the nightmare of my life. Only the “court” of public opinion and outcry, can help, at this time.

I believe God brought this to me to help expose the corruption, for what it is: abuse of power and monetary agendas. THANK YOU, for your prayers and support!

If you have any connections or are in a position to help, in any way, please contact me, Barbara Morris, immediately, by email: theelderadvocate@yahoo.com

For the purpose of driving the internet machine, I must list the names of the perpetrators and those that acquiesce: (Office on Aging caseworker) Ofelia Ross, (Attorney) Ria Rochvarg, (Attorney) Tony/Anthony Doyle, (County Attorney) Beverly Heydon, Howard County Circuit Court judges, Judge Louis A. Becker (now recused), Judge Dennis M. Sweeney (now retired) and, now, Judge Timothy J. McCrone, Administrative Judge Diane Leasure, Janis DiSibio, Shareese Kess-Lewis, Debbie Beares, Peggy Rightnour, Phyllis Madachy, Susan Rosenbaum, Sue/Susan Vaeth, Charlene Gallion, now, add, Marcia Soergel, at the county level. Greedy assisted living owners who, also, participated, Carmen Collandrea and Richard Collandrea at Bryant Woods Inn Assisted Living in Columbia, Maryland, and their, former "manager" Sandra Farrow (convicted felon). Currently participating are Pfefferkorn Assisted Living (West Friendship, MD) owners, William and Elmira Singh. And, at the state level, Maryland Secretary of Human Resources, Brenda Donald, Maryland Secretary Department on Aging, Gloria Lawlah, the Office of Health Care Quality, and last, but not least, Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley.


Ray said...

Barbara you are in the fight of your life,doing everything you humanly can to save the life of the most precious possession on earth 'your father' I am sure he would do the same for you and is proud to have you as his daughter.

I know I was there once fighting for my mother's life left to die in a nursing home like a spent rag.

Your are up against the most inhumane,cruel,bureaucratic,sadistic,machinary ever devised to separate families,steal wealth, and deprive families of their dignity, since the dismantleling of
a regime we would rather forget.

My prayers are with you, I know that time is against you in the fight to save your father, now that they have taken his money and he is no longer of value to them.

Sukhdeepak said...

You are fighting in your life for your father. Your father would have been proud on you. It reminds me of same incidence that i had faced when my father had suffered a heart attack about one and half year ago. You are fighting against corruption, cruelty, high handedness and for the dignity of your family. My best wishes are with you in fighting against vicious circle.

Anonymous said...

it's not over yet. they still are moving towards undesirable options, putting Dad in hospice and leaving my poor mother, with Alzheimer's, in assisted living. now, she doesn't even have Dad! i'll update asap! just took a moment to email and must get back to the hospital! Thanks, all! Barbara

Unknown said...

Ofelia Ross and the office on aging should be charged with defamation of character against my sister Barbara.