Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How Long Must We Tolerate This?

Im getting more and more letters and comments like these! What is going on ? What are our Lawmakers doing to prevent this dictariorship like behavior! I can no longer keep with up the volume of E mail or pleas for help! How long must we tolerate this?

"My family is currently dealing with the same problem, with a judge who has made three appointments of people who present large bills for their services. The judge has refused to allow the family to care for an elderly relative--this judge insists that a nursing home is best. Her estate is being fleeced, and finally, when her funds are depleted, I wonder if the family can then have permission to care for her?

I'm beginning to wonder if my relative didn't have any money, would the judge be so interested in appointing all these people? "


Anonymous said...

Ray, do you have an idea of just how many cases like there are? As you know our is just like it. Yesterday I go Judge Munsinger's latest denial: Denial of access to me, denial of lawyer for my mother. I still have one pleading out, I asked this judge to abide by probate procedure law, Colorado Rule 8.8 states that if there is an objection there shall be a hearing. He denied my objection, gave the guardian, conservator and trustee immunity all without a hearing and without a good look at their charging. As was mentioned in the case below, they fleece and they fleece, they fleeced my mother of $1 million in 7 years and now they are immune. I have not seen my mother in 7 years. She is competent and I talk to her everyday. She would like to know what she can do or say or write that will change anything. I ask myself everyday, how long we can tolerate this, it is beyond intolerable. Rudy

Ray said...

No Rudy I have no idea, you can steal N-Bomb secrets and sell it to the Russians, but this information is so well guarded that there is no Nacional data base making it imposible for anyone to even guess! This is the best kept secret in the USA!

Anonymous said...

No, the judge would not be interested in your mom if she had no money. I totally plan to trust everything to my daughter before I am a senior. Read about the brooklyn judge Ray put up on the site. If it can happen to a judge, because an opponent did not want him running against him, it could happen to anyone. I'm seriously considering the fact that there has been some change of ownership of our country and our constitution no longer applies. Maybe we're in foreclosure. It seems like these judges and lawyers are just cleaning everyone out and no one is stopping them. Is a new regime about to begin and they're stockpiling assets? Do you think the american people would rather die than give up democracy? I do. We're pretty good at taking care of our oppressors, and I think we may have to.