Monday, August 2, 2010

Letters to Editor "Cruelty Unchecked"

This paralles the cruelty on my 94 years old sister I sat with her last moments in San Antonio hospital while her kidnapper, a bar association director, was vacationing in Hawaii. I can never forget the way she put in a body bag.

There is no use we just keeps on complaing. Only if FBI will investigate as bold as FBI bold web statements on U.S. Code Title 18-242 Deprivation of rights under color law.

Hauling a few elder kidnappers to court, convicted and throwing the key away would other perpectuators be warned. As long as FBI called such cruel kidnapping "it is a civil matter," nothing can and will be done.

Right now I am fighting to free my wife of 61 years of marriage to spend our last moments together without court says what we can and must do or face contempt charges. I wish we had never came to the United States with such cruelty unchecked.

No political candidate care to put elder abuse using probate courts on their campaign literature. Every time I see a judge in black robe reminds me wolf wearing sheep's head.

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Anonymous said...

The land of the FREE now has health care prisons. The communist used their health care as prison centers for years and they also used them for drug experments. Our senior citizens are being locked away because of greed and the state of ARIZONA even has laws that allow the Fiduciarie to prevent the health care industry from giving out any information about the victim, only the information they want to provide. The state of Arizona allows the fiduciarie one full year not to provide any information concerning how much money they are taking from the estate but my understanding the JUDGE involve in granding the guardianship has to approve what the court appointed guardian is doing. Criminals in prison have more rights then seniors in HEALTH CARE PRISONS AND HEALTH CARE CONCENTRATIONS CAMPS. any time you have several senior citizens in a facility placed there by a court appointed guardian you have a HEALTH CARE CONCENTRATION CAMP

A retired as a License Respiratory Theapist