Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a Nightmare! Even in Death they Plague Us!‏

Update from Barbara Morris:

It is amazing how these monsters will not leave families alone, even, in death! The assisted living owner, William Singh, who helped perpetrate lies, against me, showed up at my father's funeral. One of my brothers called him, the evening before, to make it clear that this was a family time. They, i.e. caseworker, etc., tried to limit my mother to, only, the service. I had to, first, get the help of the funeral director to get rid of the assisted living owner, then, I had to insist mother was going to the gravesite/ceremony and luncheon, afterwards, with relatives, at the church.

NOW, one of my uncles passed away, this week. Since two of my brothers were in town for awhile, with Dad, they can not come back to help me take Mom to her brother's funeral. The Howard County Office on Aging case worker, Marcia Soergel, will not let me take my own mother, by myself! That's just one of her stipulations! (I should mention that Marcia Soergel was assigned to my parents in mid June, after my posting on the neglect and abuse of my parents, William and Ada Morris, started showing up on web searches, by the name of the caseworker, of four years, Ofelia Ross. Guess they were trying to take the heat off of Ofelia Ross. Guess again!)

Marcia Soergel, also, wants to know diet plans, meals plans, itinerary, where we are staying, etc; more stipulations. Now, what's really interesting is the diet my parents had at, both, Bryant Woods Inn Assisted Living Facility and Pfefferkorn Assisted Living Facility. Where was the concern of the Howard County Office on Aging, while my parents were being fed meals, extremely, high in sugar, sodium and cholesterol in assisted living and under public "guardianship"? And it continues, still, for my mother. Where was Marcia Soergel, when my father was moved to hospice and they served his meal tray with regular water and lemonade, not thickened, as he needed, to prevent aspiration? It was not the caseworker, Marcia Soergel, it was knowledgeable daughter, Barbara Morris, that showed up the next day and saw the wrong meal and the beverages that could have choked Dad! I was the one that corrected the situation, not caseworker, Marcia Soergel. And, that's just for starters! And, she wants ME to be accountable for making "diet" plans? How absurd.

And, of course, Marcia Soergel wants me to take someone that my mother knows, with us. Well isn't that a contradiction? Because of Alzheimer's, my mother is surrounded with strangers at Pfefferkorn Assisted Living Facility and, previously, at Bryant Woods Inn ALF! Plus, one resident died, another moved, and, now, there are, even more, new faces. During 18 months, at Bryant Woods Inn ALF, my mother never remembered the location of the bathroom or, even, her bedroom. Certainly, even with 2 years at Pfefferkorn, she does not remember William and Elmira Singh, the owners. Why isn't Marcia Soergel applying the same standard of my mother needing to be with familiar people, especially family members, to her place of residence?

Another, incredible, contradiction was evident, at my father's funeral. This was Monday, July 19th and, yes, it was a hot summer day. I was told, through the funeral director and from Pfefferkorn ALF owner, William Singh, that the Office on Aging, i.e. Marcia Soergel, had considered not letting my mother attend my father's funeral because of the heat! Well, well, well, this gets more interesting! After we returned to the church, I was changing my mother's diaper. Incredibly, I realized that my mother was wearing a sleeved cotton t-shirt underneath her polyester dress. Now, if caseworker, Marcia Soergel, was concerned that my mother might get overheated, WHY, for God's sake, was my mother dressed in a polyester dress and, even worse, WHY had the assisted living owners put a cotton t-shirt on, under my mother's dress? Were they TRYING to cause my mother to have a heat stroke and, then, blame it on me? AND, I HAVE PROOF! I had a camera! I took pictures! AND, one of my brothers witnessed the t-shirt under my mother's dress. Believe me, I, quickly, removed it! When the assisted living owner, William Singh, returned at 4PM, to pick up my mother, my brother told him the t-shirt was, potentially, harmful to my mother, due to the heat. This, inexperienced, assisted living owner, actually, ARGUED with my brother, stating that it was cotton and, therefore, could not cause a problem!!! And, with all this neglectful "care" that I have, repeatedly, addressed and spoken out, about, the caseworker wants to put me into question?! Has she lost her mind?! Or, is it, just, more bullying tactics?

My uncle's funeral is on Tuesday, in Denbigh, Virginia, where my mother grew up. The nature of our family is that funeral's serve, also, as "family reunions". Right now, it looks like Marcia Soergel and the Howard County Office on Aging will, yet again, prevent my mother from having quality time with family members, some who she may never see again, as some of them are coming from a great distance!

For the record, on Sunday, August 1, 2010!

Barbara Morris
Daughter of William & Ada Morris


Ray said...

Barbara you make some very good points, I want through some similar experiences, it's almost farsical... it would funny it wasn't so tragic!

Anonymous said...

I keep coming back to the question, why? Why is there so muchgratuitous cruelty and arrogance in these cases. Money alone cannot explain it, in my mind. These people seem to have no manners. There must be something behind these cases and someone should be investigating.