Sunday, September 4, 2011

THE ROBING ROOM where judges are judged

I just found this website that every family victim and advocate can use:

THE ROBING ROOM where judges are judged

Click on this link:

Just click on your state (lower left) or on your region of the country. Then, follow the prompts! You may rate, post comments, and contact others who have posted.

I was doing a google search, to see if any of my postings were surfacing, for the judges who perpetrated the “guardianship” crimes against my, elderly, parents. One link opened, directly, to the rating page for the judge in Maryland who, first, took my parents into guardianship, Judge Louis Becker. He has, all, low ratings.

I’ve been behind the scenes, for awhile, but, my advocacy continues in the efforts to find justice for my parents, William and Ada Morris, who passed away, last year, still under this abusive and illegal guardianship. Their lives were stolen, under the guise of protecting them, by Howard County, Maryland, Circuit Court Judges, Louis Becker and Dennis Sweeney and continued with Timothy McCrone. This was, also, orchestrated by Ofelia Ross, caseworker from the Howard County Office on Aging and the “court appointed attorney”, Ria Rochvarg. When my postings went “viral”, last year, Ofelia Ross was replaced by Marcia Soergel, another caseworker. Here, again, are the links to my parents’ story:

1) Neglect & Abuse of William & Ada Morris:

2) Letter to Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley:

3) Intent to Murder (my father):

4) Condemned to Die (my father):

5) Even in Death, They Plague Us:

Time has not permitted me to write a full account of events that took place at Howard County General Hospital. Here is a, brief, summary: Corruption knows, no, limits. This was obvious with the “bait and switch” by one of the head doctors, “Intensivist”, Dr. David Nyanjom, in the HCGH Intensive Care Unit. He had a meeting/conference call with our family and he told us that he supported my father having a feeding tube. My father lay in his hospital bed, another week, while waiting for an “expedited” court hearing regarding the feeding tube. Dad had, already, told me he was in favor of the tube. But, his wishes were denied. Dr. Nyanjom’s peer (another intensivist), Dr. Fernando De Leon, was the doctor to show up in court. He testified, against, my father having a feeding tube. When I, later, confronted Dr. Nyanjom on the “bait and switch”, his unprofessional and uncaring demeanor validated his participation and complicity. The Howard County Office on Aging had, already, spent all of my parent’s money and Medicaid was, not yet, available, for them. Since my parents’ social security and pension income was not enough to pay for both of my parents, in assisted living, and as the Office on Aging was determined to keep control, they, no longer, wanted my father to live.

To keep other complicit social services, and attorneys, accountable, here are their names: Janis DiSibio, Shareese Kess-Lewis, Debbie Beares, Peggy Rightnour, Phyllis Madachy, Susan Rosenbaum, Sue Vaeth, Charlene Gallion, Beverly Heydon and Anthony Doyle. Administrative Judge Diane Leasure was, also, complicit as were, at the state level, former Maryland Secretary of Human Resources, Brenda Donald, Maryland Secretary Department on Aging, Gloria Lawlah, the Office of Health Care Quality and Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley. Assisted living owners, who gained thousands of dollars a month, from my parents’ estate, and who, willingly, lied against family members, are: Carmen Collandrea and Richard Collandrea owners of Bryant Woods Inn Assisted Living, Columbia, Maryland and William Singh and Elmira Singh, owners of Pfefferkorn Assisted Living, West Friendship, Maryland.

My mother’s birthday is this Saturday, August 13th. She would have been 91. Mom and Dad, rest in peace!

Barbara Morris

Daughter and Advocate for Justice

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