Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Power of One : Make Your Voices Heard

The automated letter writer that is used by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce , it composes your letters in a professional format, addresses your letter, and then you write the body of the letter and it then fills in your return address, pertinent information, and then gives you the choice to print a hard copy or email to recipient.

It give you the ability to effortlessly write several dozens letters in a few minutes and make your voices be counted.

We believe in the power of one. The power of one person, one community to make a difference in the world. Using the most advanced tools to make sure your voices are heard when it matters most.

CAPITOL ADVANTAGE has helped literally millions of citizens and thousands of organizations make a difference in this world, across the Net and in their own backyards.

You can easily have assess to Media - Elected Officials- Issues - Register to Vote -
using the most technologically advance online tools to make sure your voices are heard when it matters most and to tap into the power of the Internet to deliver support for your priorities when and where you need it .

The media writer by Capitol Advantage can be assessed HERE and it can be used by anyone without registering, it sends a copy of your letter to your e mail address and is used by U.S. Chamber of Commerce and thousands of other organizations to contact congress and introduce new legislature concerning many issues, it is a very powerful tool, that can be used by anybody regarding of your opinions on any subject.

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