Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brazen Culture of Corruption- Gains Momentum

by Estate of Denial.Com

Check out our latest posting of an elder abuse article from Wyoming. Randy Thomas, a consultant who trains law enforcement on domestic and elder abuse issues, says “It happens every day in numbers we don’t want to think about. Just look at the demographics. The public just doesn’t care.”

At, we agree with this statement and believe it also applies to our focus area of Involuntary Redistribution of Assets (IRA) cases - those acts in which financial abuse occurs to the elderly as well as their families via trusts, wills and guardianships. People are quick to say “how awful,” but rarely do they want to hear more or learn how easily it can happen to them.

Steve Olmstead, director of the Medicaid Fraud Control Unit in the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office, said his office’s case load is increasing. “There is an underlying culture, ‘if we can get away with this then we can get away with that,’” Olmstead said. “If we go in for fraud, the next week we are investigating abuse.”

Again, it’s the same brazen culture of corruption that we see in probate venues. repeatedly rails on America’s increasing entitlement mentality as well as the accompanying boldness observable within many who loot the resources of others - be it government or private individuals.

Seems like the “crime of the 21st century” continues to gain momentum.

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