Sunday, August 10, 2008

Police Bust in mayors Home, Kills his Golden Retrievers

By Rosalind S. HeldermanWashington Post Staff Writer

Prince George's County authorities did not have a "no-knock" warrant when they burst into the home.

"There's nothing in the four corners of the warrant saying anything about the Calvos being a threat to law enforcement," said Calvo's attorney, Timothy Maloney. "This was a lawless act by law enforcement." when the burst into the home of a mayor July 29, shooting and killing his two dogs --

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A Lawless act? by the very same people we depend on to uphold the law! Does this make anyone hair stand on the back of your neck? Sorry about your pets Mayor.
Next time get goldfish . Welcome to the club Major, There is a self-help book - To order your copy of Overcoming the Devastation of Legal Abuse Syndrome, click here. I believe it's called LAS Legal Abuse Syndrome , it's caused by abuse of power and don't feel alone everyday there are hundreds victims of blatant abuses of power on many levels.

And by the way Mayor we publish a lot of "I can't believe this is happening here" and "I can't believe this happening to me letters." if you want to send yours in.
And Mayor, I hope you have a lot of money stashed away in your legal fund,, you just might need it!

Do you know what the mayor's crime was? Someone sent a package with *Marijuana on his front porch. The possibility that no one in Calvo's house was the intended recipient of the package is among several theories police are pursuing.

Presumption of innocence R.I.P.

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