Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two if by Sea with Janet Phelan Conservatorship/Guardianship Stories aired on National Radio

On Saturday August 9, "Two If By Sea" will air a two hour broadcast, focusing on the conservatorship issue. The show, which is co-hosted by Dr. Rebecca Carley and Janet Phelan, will air from noon-two p.m., Pacific Time, on Republic Broadcasting Network. Go to and listen live.

For those unaware of the conservatorship issue, conservatorships (also known as guardianships) are instituted through the courts when there are allegations that a person is incapacitated. These conservatorships mainly impact the elderly and the disabled, although we are seeing these now being levied against young people who have money.

Upon the initiation of a conservatorship, the alleged incapacitated person loses all control over his/her money, and may also be deprived of decision making power, such as where to live, whether or not property is sold, and whether or not friends and loved ones may even visit the conservatee.

In a scenario where the elderly/incapacitated person may have significant funds, one can see where this may present an opportunity for unscrupulous conservators and attorneys to profit at the expense of the vulnerable. And this is exactly what we are now seeing, across the country. Several national grassroots groups have sprung up to address the issue of conservator abuse, which has turned lethal in a number of cases.

"Two If By Sea " airs from 12:00-2:00 PM Pacific Time or 3-5 pm ET at the web from Just click here=>>

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