Saturday, February 24, 2007

Florida Leads California in Elder Abuse Cases Despite Differences in Population Rates

"Some Interesting Facts Floridians Should Know" -

Facts on Elder Abuse according to a Recent Press Releases by DCF, published by News-Press.Com on February 9Th, 2007 and a press release published by The Open Press on the same date.

In California, Elder Financial Abuse claims cases are estimated at 225,000 with a population according to the Census Bureau for 2005 of 36,132,147, and they are Passing Strict New Laws, appointing Special Prosecutors, Launching Statewide Elder Financial Abuse Prevention Initiatives, and Highly Publicizing Elder Abuse Cases.

Florida in contrast with a population in 2005 of 17,789,864 there were 348,000 abuse claims reported in 2006 , according to the DCF. - There are NO Statewide Elder Financial Abuse Prevention Initiatives, No new laws with Mandatory Reporting of Financial Abuse for our Elders, No Vulnerable Adult Task Force.

Florida, having 54.65% more reported Elder Abuse Cases than California and a population that's 50.55% smaller,you rarely hear about Elder Abuse Cases and I can tell you from my experience, when you approach the local news media with a request to publish a story to raise Elder Abuse Awareness, chances are exceptionally good that they will not publish your story. By Ray Fernandez


Terri said...

I found my way to your blog via Alan's and I applaude you for the topic you're addressing here.
As an RN who has done multiple home health visits in Florida, I was astounded by the number of elder abuse cases we came across. All of our admission packets had the abuse hot line listed and patients were instructed on it's use.
I believe this is a topic which needs more coverage. And I think many people don't realize that "abuse" comes in many forms....not just physical.
So good for you for having such an intelligent and informative blog.

Franciene said...

Your are correct that the media is not interested in reporting about the problem of Elder Abuse. When I first approached the local newspaper with the story of my father's death, the editor appeared very interested. The editor and I spoke for more than an hour as I related all that had happened to my family, and how we had worked to assure conviction of the abuser. I also presented the editor with a detailed list of advice for families assisting the elderly. The editor promised to publish our story and advice as well as additional companion pieces about Elder Abuse. Nothing was ever done. That was more than a year ago.

Joy Des Jardins said...

This is a subject that I haven't had much personal experience of; but I certainly know it's there...and much more prevelant than any of us know. I'm uncomfortable with ANYONE being abused or treated badly, so I commend you for your efforts to get the word out to everyone. Thanks Ray.